Prague is the best place to live in ČR

A survey of Czech regions saw the capital still on top

Prague has again been named the best Czech region to live in by website Místo pro život.

The website’s survey evaluates the quality of life in the Czech regions by comparing 54 criteria in eight areas.

Prague scored high for its healthcare, having a large number of doctors and dentists, healthiest people and highest life expectancy. Schools and services for children were also ranked best in the country, as were the development of infrastructure. It was second for leisure and entertainment, fifth for wages, and sixth for both ecology and tolerance.

Prague came in last for safety due to high rates of traffic accidents and unsolved crime.

The good news stops at the city line. The surrounding Central Bohemia region came in the last place, with scores in all categories below average.

“Prague is the best place to live in the Czech Republic. Compared to other regions, it excels mainly in health care, education, infrastructure, and wages. Compared to the previous year, it has been able to improve on environmental investments. … This contributed to a significant shift in the ecology and environmental ranking from the last place in 2016 to this year's sixth position,” Místo pro život said on its website.

The South Bohemia region came in second place in this year’s survey, after being in fourth place last year. It was first in leisure activities, society and tolerance, and safety. It came in second in wages.

“There are many cultural institutions and sports clubs in the region that attract attractive cultural events and sports activities. This is why the region ranks first in leisure activities. … Significant improvement was achieved in the capacities of facilities for the elderly,” the website said.

Investment in infrastructure and an environmental protection were also praised.

Third place went to the Hradec Králové region, which was fifth last year. People in the region have one of the highest life expectancy rates and below-average sickness. The region is also best in recycling waste and road safety.

“Improvements are particularly successful in leisure activities and tourism, healthcare, social services, and safety. … The region is doing very well in the health sector. People here have one of the highest rates of survival, lower average sickness, and enough hospital beds. … Compared to the previous year, the capacity for seniors was also increased. The region is the best in recycling waste, the roads are safe, the number of road deaths is one of the lowest in the Czech Republic,” the survey said.

The Plzeň region fell to fourth place from third in the previous survey. Pardubice saw a significant drop to seventh place from the second year on year.

The assessment is based on three pillars: statistical data, a survey of 2,800 people across the country, and a survey of consultants.

Ranking of regions in the Czech Republic in 2017
1. Prague (1 in 2016)
2. South Bohemia (4)
3. Hradec Králové (5)
4. Plzeň (3)
5. Liberec (8)
6. Karlovy Vary (6)
7. Pardubice (2)
8. Zlín Region (7)
9. Vysočina (11)
10. South Moravia (9)
11. Olomouc (12)
12. Ústí nad Labem (13)
13. Moravia-Silesia (14)
14. Central Bohemia (10)

Source: Místo pro život

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