Expats for Expats: the Advantages of Cooperating with Foreigners

Making expats feel at home when far away from home

Year by year Prague becomes more international, embracing different cultures while preserving its charm and Czech traditions. Its stunning architecture, as well as the successful balance between affordable cost of living and general welfare, attracts folks from all over the world.

The demand for good quality accommodation has increased during the past years, and many expats plan to stay in the Czech capital city for a long-term period.

Unsurprisingly, expats have started investing in the real estate business since the last decade, realizing how profitable the housing market can be.

The available possibilities when renting a property are plenty. A flat owner can count on several online platforms where offering a location to interested customers takes a few minutes.

Facebook can be considered the fastest and less bureaucratic way of delivering an estate in town, but choosing the eligible lodger among dozens of comments and inquiries normally proves a considerable challenge. Without signing a formal contract under the supervision of a professional agent, chances of being cheated rise exponentially: in the long run, this solution will show its downsides and limits.

Airbnb it’s generally the second option that springs to the owner’s mind. While the earning margin grows exponentially when opting for it, side effects are behind the corner. A constant and demanding management of the location, a daily check of emails and requests and check-in at unlikely times of the day await the lessor on a regular basis. We already talked about the Airbnb-related issues in a dedicated post which we strongly suggest to read.

The third option - unless the housekeeper decides to count on specific Czech websites offering the same guarantees as Facebook (a few) - is getting in touch with a real estate agency, the solution we actually recommend.

The Prague scene displays several alternatives, so why a flat owner coming from abroad should choose Foreigners as the main reference point?

The company’s goals are clear: making expats feel at home when far away from home, helping them understanding the new environment in the most effective fashion, tackling cultural barriers and making the relocation process as smooth as possible.

Foreigners’ comprehensive services aim specifically at people coming from abroad: by giving the property in the hand of this experienced agency, the tenant avoids any of the abovementioned concerns and downsides, being sure that a high-level assistance is delivered, one that is tailored on the lessees’ needs.

More specifically, the flat takeover is supervised step by step, as well as the handover one: for further information, have a look at the detailed Foreigners blog post regarding this process.

A VIP package is included each time a flat is rented with the help of one of the Foreigners Relocation Consultants to whom information over the lessee’s profile can be asked anytime. The package is meant to support the preparation of legal paperwork and points out the lodger’s duties and rights, sets up the internet connection when missing, reminds lease expiration dates, helps to solve little issues in the flat such as light bulbs serial breakage, keys loss, and so forth.

The Foreigners passionate team is characterized by competent professionals, including an Expat and Immigration Consultant that focuses on foreigners’ technical requirements (visa arrangement, proof of accommodation, health insurance, etc).

Who else might be more suitable for renting a foreigner’s property to expats than a dedicated agency that has specifically specialized in this field of interest?

Whether you’re owning an apartment in Prague and desire to avoid any unpleasant surprise, with Easter coming concede yourself a present: deliver your flat’s management to Foreigners and its forward-looking agents.

For any inquiry or consultation, don’t hesitate writing to the following contact: [email protected]

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