Make new friends with attending a MeetUp in Prague

Foreigners & Prague.TV MeetUp on April 19 at the Globe

It can be difficult to make new friends when living alone in a new city. That's how I felt when I moved to Prague: I'm shy and I consider my friends to be the ones in France whom I have known for more than 15 years.

I made new friends at a monthly event for foreigners. I went to both February and March edition of the Foreigners & Prague.TV MeetUp. The next edition is coming up on April 19 at The Globe Bookstore and Cafe.

I thought it was a pity to party alone, so going to a MeetUp for expats is a good way to experience a friendly evening and meet new people.

Let me relate my experience, as maybe it is similar to yours. My first days here were a bit long, I wondered how to make new friends in Prague since I was not a student. My only social life was with my flatmates or my colleagues. I missed someone to talk with.

I had never heard of MeetUps prior to arriving in Prague. They are not that common in France except in very big cities and to gather a community of fans around a celebrity, especially Youtubers. Then, my brother told me he found friends in Japan through MeetUp events.

So, I went to a MeetUp in Prague and I was pleasantly surprised. I was afraid I wouldn’t meet people with shared interests. I expected that everyone would be sitting in one corner but we were mostly around two big tables and from time to time people stood up, walked around the room and easily approached others.

Sometimes it led to a good conversation. It depends on the person you are talking with and the quality of the connection established.

Everyone came for the same reason: to meet new people and make some friends. MeetUps are attended by all types of people so you should always find someone to share a good moment with. MeetUps can be a really good alternative to find newcomers and regulars, locals and expats, workers and students.

Tell yourself that everyone is in the same situation and don't hesitate to stand up, chat with people, and just say, “Hello, how are you?”. It costs nothing but it can lead to a real friendship. At one moment, I was alone sitting at the bar to order a drink and a guy came to me, and since then we have met twice.

If I could give you some advice, I would say: Don't be hesitant to approach anyone. If you get along with someone: take his or her phone number to try to meet again.

Don't be shy and come to the Foreigners & Prague.TV April MeetUp. I would be happy to meet you and share a drink!

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