Voting requirements for expats

EU expats with a residence permit can vote in the local elections

Municipal elections are coming up Oct. 5 and 6. Expats from European Union countries can vote, provided they have a temporary or permanent residence in the Czech Republic and they are 18 years of age by the last day of the elections.

Expats from the EU, however, are not automatically registered to vote. They must apply at their local municipal office at least two days before the election starts. The local office to go to is the one that corresponds to the address on your residency permit.

People who want to vote have to go to the Town Hall to fill in a form called Žádost o zápis do dodatku stálého seznamu voličů, a request to be included in the voter rolls.

The town hall should be able to provide you with the form, but if they can’t, a generic downloadable version can be found on the Prague 3 website here:

The form asks for your name, date of birth, citizenship and address.

There are some variations on the forms, and your local town hall might insist on using their own, as the form often has a line specifying you are requesting to vote in that specific district, or some other unique wording.

The information required should be the same, though sometimes they also ask for birth names or maiden names.

You will also be required to prove your residence and citizenship, so you must bring your valid residency permit and since Czech officials like to complicate things, it would not hurt to have your passport and possibly even your lease.

Once you are accepted on the voter roles, which should be automatic, you should get information on how to get your ballot papers and where to vote. Either you will get them the day you register at the town hall or be told how to get them at the polling place.

There is not one central address to go to for Prague, as these are local elections.

A list of Prague district offices can be found on the City Hall website here:

If you are not fluent in Czech, it may help to bring someone to help, have some relevant Czech phrases written out in advance, or have a translating app installed on your phone. Local clerks are not required to be fluent in foreign languages.

Expats can also run for local office, except the mayor, but it is too late to do that for this year as the candidate lists have all been filed already and the numbers on the ballots have been assigned.

Voting in the European Parliament elections, which are not now taking place, requires another form to be filled out.

EU expats can vote in local and European Parliament elections due to the treaty the Czech Republic has with the EU. Expats cannot vote for the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies or president unless they become Czech citizens.

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