Prague ranked as eighth best for expats

The city fell down the list due to Asian cities improving their reputations

Prague was ranked as the eighth-best city for expats to live, and the Czech Republic was ranked as the 10th best country by Internations Expat Insider 2018.

As far as cities go, Asia dominated the Top 10 of Best and Worst Cities, with six spots. Taipei comes in first, followed by Singapore, Manama, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and Kuala Lampur. Aachen was seventh, and the only European city to beat Prague. Madrid and Muscat finished the top 10.

Prague scored much better in the 2017 ranking, when it was ranked second. “The 2017 number one, Manama, has successfully defended a spot on the podium, though the two newcomers Taipei and Singapore have relegated it to third place in 2018,” the Internations survey said.

“The previous year’s runner-up Prague and third-placed Madrid, on the other hand, have both dropped a few more ranks but are still listed in the global top 10 with an eighth and ninth rank, respectively. Both cities receive ratings similar to their results in 2017, however, they have been pushed down by four newcomers as well as a few other cities with improved ratings,” survey added.

Prague did well in other rankings, too. The city was third in the Urban Work Life Index and did highly in all three main subcategories: first in job and career, 10th in job security and ninth in work-life balance.

Survey respondents in Prague are particularly satisfied with local career opportunities. “One reason for this could be the fact that many jobs remained vacant throughout the Czech Republic in 2018: with 5.4 percent of unoccupied positions, the country is well above the EU average of 2.2 percent, and employers are pressed to up their offers or look abroad for new employees,” the survey said.

“Another factor which expats in Prague value is job security. In fact, five out of seven expats rate it positively, and 34 percent are even very happy with it,” the survey added.

“Although the city places in the top 10 across all three subcategories, Prague only comes in 20th for the state of the local economy, its worst result in the index. However, survey respondents are not particularly unhappy with this factor, either: only 5 percent rate it negatively. For instance, one Portuguese expat praises Prague not only for ‘the job opportunities’ but also for its ‘economic stability,’” the survey said.

Prague was fifth in the Quality of Urban Living Index, scoring number two for transportation and ninth for health and environment.

The city didn’t make the top 15, though, in getting settled or finance and housing indices.

As far as countries go, only three from Europe made it into the Top 10 of Expat Destinations. Portugal was sixth, Spain eighth and the Czech Republic 10th. Bahrain took the top spot.

The survey results come from responses from expats in the various locations who ranked various aspects of life in several categories.

Internations is a network 3.3 million members with 420 community locations around the globe. It was founded in 2007.

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