Illegal immigration stable

There was little change compared to the previous year

Illegal immigration to the Czech Republic in 2018 did not change much compared to the previous year, according to the Czech Foreign Police.

“The situation of illegal migration in the Czech Republic is stabilized, and our country is not a main transit or destination country for migrant foreigners,” Foreign Police spokeswoman Kateřina Rendlová told the press.

The Foreign Police found 4,992 people illegally staying in the Czech Republic in 2018, which was 254 more than in 2017.

Most of these people overstayed their visas. People who arrived legally in the Czech Republic in 2018 but remained after the expiration of the time allowed, totaled 4,653, a year-on-year increase of 165 people. Citizens of Ukraine accounted for 1,470, Moldova 567, Vietnam 312, Russian 273 and Uzbekistan 157.

People using the Czech Republic as a transit country increased by 19 to 191 compared to 2017. They mainly were going from Slovakia to Germany.

Forty percent of foreigners staying illegally were found in Prague and 18 percent at international airports. South Moravia, Ústí nad Labem and Plzeň regions followed, but with figures less than 10 percent.

The number of people with counterfeit or altered documents last year dropped by 193 to 1,122, with some people having multiple documents. Some 1,383 irregular documents were submitted. Documents issued by Romania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Hungary, Italy and Slovakia are most frequently forged or altered. They were shown mainly by people from Ukraine, Moldova, the Czech Republic, Albania, Serbia, Vietnam, Turkey and Syria.

Czech police investigated 36 people, mostly citizens of the Czech Republic, last year for aiding in illegal migration. In 26 cases there was a special marriage, which was nine more than in the previous year. There were two cases of purposeful paternity, five cases related to mediation of illegal border crossings, or people smuggling, and three cases of obtaining false certificates needed for residency.

The Czech Republic has relatively strict conditions for immigration compared to many European countries. The government has also opposed EU quota systems for refugees.

The Czech Republic has a population of 10.6 million. Foreigners make up approximately 5 percent of the population but 10.7 percent of the workforce, according to the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ).

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