Student Life in Prague

It looks like someone organized Prague especially for students to live in it

I believe that it’s impossible to stay apathetic to Prague, whether you are just visiting the city for a couple of days or if you are lucky enough to live here. Everyone sees this city in diverse ways, but it leaves a mark on everyone’s heart. Being a foreigner and a student, I bet I feel so different about this city than the locals do, and my feelings are so much deeper than the tourists’.

I have never been a tourist in this city; my first day in Prague was two days before my studies began. Knowing nearly nothing about the country and the city itself, without any knowledge of the Czech language, without any friends here - I somehow felt like I was at home. Maybe it’s not perfect, but that’s what makes you love this place even more – its flaws. What I enjoy the most in the city is probably its cultural life. The amount of events happening here is impressive, beginning with art exhibitions, and continuing with music concerts and parties… If you want to spend your free time enjoying art (any kind of it, seriously), or if you can’t live without partying, or if you are a nature-lover – this city can satisfy your desires.

It looks like someone organized Prague especially for students to live in it – besides prestigious schools, hundreds of opportunities for education and your future career, discounts, and interesting clubs, it has everything to let us relax and have fun after long hours of lectures. Such a full nightlife is impressive for someone like me, coming from a provincial Russian city. Although I’m not really a fan of night clubs, I know that many of my peers appreciate them.

I may love the beauty of Prague and the entertainment it offers, but the main reason why I and other students from all over the world came here is, obviously, education. I had two main reasons for coming here rather than staying at home – the high level of education and its reasonable price. Here, students have an opportunity to get a traditional European education in combination with American and British principles - I study at a private university, Anglo American University, where all courses are taught in English. Thus, my situation is quite unusual – the majority of students from CIS countries come here to learn the Czech language and then apply to state universities. They have another advantage – it’s possible to study for free, even for foreigners. Of course, my friends complain about how difficult is it to study here sometimes, but I can hardly imagine a person receiving his or her higher education in a foreign language who doesn’t face any problems from time to time.

However, there is one thing that foreign students of private and state universities have in common – they are getting professional knowledge in an atmosphere of culture and mutual respect, and they can make choices that our friends back home are often unable to make. Moreover, if offers what is really important for me personally. We have to take care of ourselves, to get out of our comfort zones, and we gain so many responsibilities when we move to another country. While it can be difficult sometimes, especially for those of us who are young and inexperienced, it is undoubtedly important and helpful for our futures.

What I also really love about living in Prague is how easy it is to travel around Europe from here. Even if you have a very limited amount of money, it’s not a problem to visit Vienna, Amsterdam, Budapest, Dresden, or other wonderful places in Europe. I believe that travelling is one of the best things in the world. Visiting historical sites and enjoying the beauty of art are very beneficial for one’s self-education. Lectures and seminars are important, but travelling can sometimes give us something which is impossible to receive in a classroom.

It’s such a unique opportunity to spend several years in Prague, the heart of Europe, the city rich with art and its own spirit. I certainly don’t regret going to school here, and I’m more than sure that I won’t regret it years later, either.

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