Christmas Tree Recycling in Prague

Don't throw your tree into the trash cans for biological waste or any other types of trash cans

Starting as early as January 1st, the streets of Prague become crowded with discarded Christmas trees. Although the sight is quite depressing, leaving a used tree by the recycling containers is one of the most ecologically friendly way to dispose of it.

The trees left out in the designated areas, or even just on the side of the street will be collected by a special truck. This truck will take a bunch of the trees to the zoo to feed the elephants who love pine trees and the rest will be composted or burned. If you have a compost in your garden, that's also a good place to put an old tree. However it is important not to throw the trees into the trash cans for biological waste or any other types of trash cans.

If you want to be extra environmentally friendly, you can try to keep the tree alive by keeping it in water and then you can replant it afterwards. Some say that the tree can only be indoors for 10 days for it to survive the replanting. But there are certain tricks to make the tree survive even longer. If the tree doesn't survive or you decide to recycle it after you use it, make sure that you remove all the plastic hooks and bits of tinsel. A tree that is still decorated cannot be composted, fed to an elephant or burnt in an ecologically friendly way. If you're patient enough to remove the needles you could also keep the branches and use the tree for firewood in a fireplace or save for a summer BBQ.

Sometimes a Christmas tree ends up staying up slightly longer than is customary. Fortunately, the tree pick up happens in January as well as February. So unless you want to keep the tree up until March, you won't have to worry about the disposal.

Pražské služby (garbage collection) : (CZ)

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