Volunteering in Prague

Volunteer at an animal shelter or crocheting hats or other clothing for the homeless or refugees...

Volunteering is on many people's lists of New Year's resolutions. But it can be hard to find a place to volunteer as an English speaker. There are many little things that you can do, such as volunteer at an animal shelter or crocheting hats or other clothing for the homeless or refugees. It is possible to find random one-time volunteering opportunities on this Facebook group: Volunteering in Prague. Here is a list of organizations that offer volunteering opportunities for English speakers.

Burma Center Prague: Offering volunteering opportunities on a regular basis, the Friends of Burma is a group o volunteers who inform the public about the situation in Burma, organize cultural events and campaigns, provide assistance to Burmese refugees in the Czech Republic and implement development projects for the Burmese people. www.burma-center.org

Homecoming (Cesta Domu): Established in 2001, the homecoming hospice civic association and its members are experts in the area of medicine and work on improving the quality of care for the dying in the Czech Republic. They accept donations as well as volunteers who need to attend a one-year-training program to learn how to help in several areas including in client families, accompany bereaved relatives, Late Afternoon Club, organize cultural, educations and beneficial events. www.cestadomu.cz

Organization for Help to Refugees (OPU): Offering volunteer opportunities for particular events including trips, campaigns, and translations as well as long-term cooperation, legal assistance, psychological intervention, projects elaboration and direct dialogue. www.opu.cz

Multicultural Center Prague: For those interested in helping with cultural and educational events, public education campaigns, processing data from seminars and conferences, distribution and more. They offer short-term and long-term internships in multicultural education or day-to-day operations of an NGO. Knowledge of Czech is an advantage, however, English and German are preferred/necessary. www.mkc.cz

Prague Thrift Shop: This second-hand store was founded by an expat couple and they are offering various volunteering opportunities for English speakers. Working at the check-out counter, sorting or pricing, volunteers can help this non-profit organization make a difference in the community. www.thriftshop.cz

Inexsda: Offering 30 work camps in the Czech Republic as well as 60 camp leader opportunities, the club of volunteers at the Association for Voluntary Activities is an NGO that was founded in 1991. Their main objective is to enable people to help where their help is the most needed as well as to make the contribution beneficial for the volunteers. www.inexsda.cz

Amnesty International: Together with other international volunteers, Amnesty International offers an opportunity to make a difference by writing petition letters, take action online and defend people's human rights and other activities such as: monitoring the international press, translating, undertaking research tasks, participating in online communities, raising funds assisting their human rights educations, supporting human resources and accounting programs and loaning specialist expertise to an area of their work. www.careers.amnesty.org

Red Cross: The red cross has 76 branches throughout the Czech Republic which is independent and offers around 8,000 people volunteer opportunities. Volunteering involved blood donation, first-aid training, social welfare, home care, disaster preparedness and youth activities. www.cervenykriz.eu

English Stay: Offering volunteer opportunities to teach Czechs English while gaining experience in teaching. www.praguevolunteer.com

Sue Ryder: With volunteer opportunities ranging from working in the shops to fund-raising in the hospices, Sue Ryder Homes are constantly seeking donations as well as volunteers who can make a difference. www.sueryder.org

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