Czech Banks with Expats customer service: overview 2016

Choosing a bank account isn't always as easy - Prague.TVs overview of banks with English language customer service in Prague

Choosing a bank is a very important process when moving to a new country. Sometimes if rushed, it is easy to chose a bank that isn't necessarily the best to suit one's needs. Fortunately, there are a variety of banks to choose from in the Czech Republic that all have different histories, service offers and English-language accessibility.

English-speaker friendly banks:

Česká spořitelna
: Voted Bank of the year in 2015, Česká spořitelna has more ATM's in the Czech Republic than any other bank. Offering free accounts to students for up to two years after their graduation. The bank also offers children's accounts and an Expat Center that is designed for foreign clients for easy communication in English, German and French. (ENG)

: A bank with 200 years of history of offering financial services in over 160 countries and managing client accounts for around 200 million customers. The bank opened in the Czech Republic in 1991 and has an easy to use English version of their website. (ENG)

ČSOB (Československá Obchodní Banka)
: A popular bank in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia was established in 1964 as a bank that provided services in the field of foreign trade financing and convertible currency operations. ČSOB provides a variety of services including: financing housing needs, insurance products, pension funds, collective investment, asset management, leasing, factory and services related to trading equities on financial markets. (ENG)

Equa Bank
: Founded in 2011, Equa Bank has 150,000 customers, 57 business points and has been avoided 14 prizes. They advertise themselves as offering simple, comprehensible and transparent banking services for retail and business customers. Equa Bank offers basic private accounts, business accounts, loans, mortgages, savings and insurance. (ENG)

: Founded on Czech markets in 1991, the well-established banks has been recognized as a modern and universal commercial bank that advertises itself as providing top-class services and reacting promptly to the needs of corporate, private and affluent individual clients. Expobank has an easy to use internet banking system available in Czech, English and Russian. (ENG / RU)

Fio Bank
: This exclusively Czech-owned bank became a bank in 2008. Offering standard banking services without any fees. Before it was a bank, it was a company offering financial services. Fio Bank has won many awards, including The Friendliest Bank of the Year in 2011, 2012 and 2013. The website is available in Czech and English. (ENG)

Moneta (previous GE Money Bank)
: Moneta offers financial services for individuals as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. One of the largest financial institutions in the Czech Republic has won medals in the Golden Crown competitions. The website is available in Czech and English. (ENG)

KB (Komerční banka)
: Ranking among the leading banking institutions in the Czech Republic as well as Central and Eastern Europe, KB is a universal bank that provides a wide range of services in retail, corporate and investment banking. The bank was established in 1990 and it is an English-speaker friendly bank with a comprehensible website in Czech and English. (ENG) / Service for Foreigners (ENG)

Oberbank AG: Established in 1869, Oberbank AG advertises themselves as “that much more than a bank”. With banks in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic, this independent regional bank focuses on customer confidence and being the first point of contact for financial services within their region. Their website is available in English ad well as Czech

Raiffeisenbank: The 5th largest bank in the country, Raiffeisenbank has more than 120 branches and client centers throughout the Czech Republic. Established in the Czech Republic in 1993, the bank provides a wide range of banking services to private and corporate clients in the Czech Republic.

Sberbank CZ: Serving almost 100,000 customers in the Czech Republic, Sberbank CZ is a modern bank boasting a comprehensive portfolio of products and services designed for individuals, small and medium enterprises as well as large corporations. They have an easy to use online banking in Czech and English and they have won a handful of awards and accolades including the most client-oriented bank of 2015. (ENG / RU) 

UniCredit Bank: UniCredit launched it's activities in the Czech Republic in November 2007. It is one of the only banks in the Czech Republic that writes and cashes in checks in foreign currencies including US Dollars. UniCredit placed second in the bank of the year in 2015 and offers accounts in multiple international currencies. The easy to use website is available in Czech and English.

Other banks with great service:

Air Bank: Founded in November 2011, Air Bank advertises itself with the motto: “even a bank can be likable”. The Air Bank staff welcome you personally and offer you free coffee or water. Air Bank is as paperless as possible and have a short, understandable 3 page contract. They are not English-speaker friendly yet. In the 2015 bank of the year competition in the Czech Republic, Air Bank placed 3rd.

ERB Bank (European-Russian Bank): The first bank with a Russian capital was officially opened in 2009. The priorities of ERB Bank are financing Czech exports to Russia, monetary transactions including transactions in Russian Rubles, operations including deposits and conversions. The website is available in Czech and Russian. (RU)

mBank: Established in November of 2007, mBank was the first bank to offer it's clients a new self-service model. This model allows the client to manage all of their daily banking operations by themselves with the help of mBank staff via the internet or telephone. The bank does not have a website in English yet.

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