How to get your Criminal Record in the Czech Republic

Get all the know-how you need to obtain your extract stress-free

Getting a criminal record in the Czech Republic is simply unavoidable regardless of citizenship, amount of time lived in Prague and level of dislike for bureaucracy. If you are applying for/extending a residency permit, need to get a trade license (živnostenský list) or applying to certain jobs – you will be asked for an extract from the criminal register.

Thankfully, it’s not as scary as it sounds and you can follow these simple steps to getting an extract from the criminal register (Výpis z evidence rejstříku trestů), proving you've committed no crimes in the Czech Republic.

Necessary forms and documents:

- The official application form which is available to any local or municipal office.

  • The form requires the following information: name, surname, date and place of birth, address, reason for request, citizenship and gender
- Applicable fees (100 CZK if not done online – depending on where you apply, payment might only be possible in form of a kolek, or duty stamp that may be purchased at the post office)
- A valid passport
- Residence permit

You can apply for the extract yourself or have someone else apply on your behalf with a certified power of attorney form. The person applying on behalf of someone else must have their identity verified; an ID card or passport. To be certified, the power of attorney form must be notarized – if the original form is in English, it must be translated by a sworn translator who can certify the translation.

Where to apply:

Czech POINT terminal: If you have permanent residency (or simply have a Czech rodné číslo or birth number) in the Czech Republic, you can get your criminal record at the Czech POINT which has many locations all over the country, including at many post offices.

Postal Application: It is possible to get the criminal record extract via post by submitting the application at one of the following administrative offices: the regional attorney's office (okresní státní zastupitelství), municipal council (obecní úřady), town council (městské úřady) and/or the offices of the Prague local council (obvodní úřady a místní úřady v Praze).

Criminal Registry Office Prague:

You can get more information, obtain necessary forms and even apply directly at the criminal registry offices. For more information about other cities, laws (beyond criminal registry) and overall legal information in Czech at (pronounced yus-ti-tse).

Prague: The Rejstřík trestů Praha is located at Soudní 988/1, 140 66 Praha 4 and is open 7:30 – 17:00 on Monday and Wednesday and 7:30 – 14:00 on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

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