Nudity in the Czech Republic

Find out where and why Czechs consider naked to be normal

Czechs are considered shy when it comes to talking to strangers, sharing private information and they avoid sitting next to each other as much as possible on public transportation. Despite all of this, Czechs are very open about nudity.

It’s not uncommon to see parents helping their young children squat to use the restroom on a busy street and women are comfortable sunbathing topless in a park when it’s warm outside. At gyms and pools men and women strut nakedly around changing rooms, even when they are co-ed. Then there are saunas where you will be judged for wearing swim wear because being naked is the norm.

Nude beaches for example are quite popular all over the Czech Republic. In Prague, Koupaliště Džbán might be the best known place to swim and sunbathe in your birthday suit. But in the colder months you can enjoy some ‘naturalist’ swimming at Sokol Vinohrady. The pool is located at Riegrovy Sady and nude swimming takes place on Tuesdays from 19:25 – 20:45. Other days and times, clothing is (un)fortunately a must.

Being naked is so popular in the Czech Republic that there is even a website for it. is a community (Federation of Naturalists ČFN) that gathers information and resources for fellow nudists. Just don’t go throwing that term around because “naturalist” is preferred.

Their slogan is “the naked truth must defeat the disguised lie” and the website has interesting articles, discussions and everything you need to know about being naked – they even have tips for first timers. Most of the website is in Czech but the website has English, German and French information: cultural differences and nationality make no difference when you’re naked.

The No Pant Subway Ride Day may be a popular annual event in Prague but it is nothing compared to topless waitresses. Restaurace Kovářská is one of the places that have “nahoře bez” days where the waitresses serve beers and food topless. This is usually announced beforehand on Facebook and is a very Czech experience.

The waitresses are regular women and there is nothing erotic about these events. But although they are considered perfectly normal, they are seen less and less. However it is places like these that show the open attitude that Czechs have about nudity. While in some countries being naked may have a different connotation, in the Czech Republic it is considered something natural.

This mindset is instilled in Czechs from an early age. In pre-school and kindergarten children use a co-ed bathroom without stalls. By seeing naked bodies in normal settings they grow up to be unashamed and accepting nakedness as a normal part of life. This open attitude is one of the many great things that you can learn about Czechs if you look beyond the clothed surface – quite literally in this case.

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