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Expats friendly bars and cafes in Prague

Prague’s official nickname is the city of one hundred spires but many also refer to it as the city that never sleeps. The city has a dense concentration of pubs, bars, tea houses, cafes and new places are opened on a regular basis. While there are endless spots to hang out and meet new people here, there are a handful of must-see places popular among Prague’s expats.

Expats BBQ Bar is a great example of a relatively new bar that became an instant hit. Serving delicious chicken wings and other American specialties including ranch dressing, the bar has large screens perfect for watching sports. Located right in the city center at Vojtěšská 241/9 Expats BBQ bar welcomes a mix of expats and sport-loving Czechs.

If you love live music & fun nights, La Loca Music Bar & Lounge is a great non-smoking bar featuring free music entertainment almost every night . With a great international vibe, amazing cocktails and cuisine to die for, La Loca is the place to be. It also offers a great lunch menu filled with burgers, salads, sandwiches and more. Don't forget to come by for the happy hours daily between 18:00 and 20:00.

If you’re less interested in sports but are looking for a lively atmosphere and irresistible drink prices, then stop by Bar #7 which you’ll find just around the corner from Expats BBQ Bar. Stop by for a quiz night on Monday evening or challenge yourself to a pie-eating competition – there is never a dull moment and you’re guaranteed to meet some exciting people.

Sometimes you just want to chill out and there is no better place to relax than at A Maze in Tchaiovna. Located in a quiet corner at Muchova 241/4 at Hradčanská, this tea house is literally a maze! Get lost in its many rooms and uncover the secrets that make it the go-to tea house in Prague. Highlights include the perfectly-addictive chocolate masala tea, unusual beers on tap and hookah while enjoying live music, various performances and amazing art.

Speaking of live music, it can’t get better (or at least more entertaining) than when your friends are performing. Baryton in Žižkov offers Karaoke every Monday night and attracts a crowd of talented singers, tone-deaf beginners, students and teachers. The friendly bar is a fun spot for get-togethers and the first 10 brave singers are rewarded with shots!

If you prefer not having a pre-selected list of songs or any sort of background music you should check out OPEN MIC night at Napa Bar. This part-bar part-gallery is located in Malostranská and offers a creative atmosphere. Enjoy exhibitions, live music or rent the pool table while drinking beer or choosing from an impressive selection of rum and whisky.

Whisky lovers should check out James Joyce. This Irish pub serves Guinness beer and, of course, good old Irish whisky. It is a popular expat hub because it offers live music, sports and traditional Irish food that will fill you up (and works miracles if you’re sporting a hangover). Beware that you enter at your own risk because the Irish sure know how to party.

Sometimes you need a change of scenery or the weather is just too good to stay indoors. Riegrovy Sady is the place to go for a breathtaking view of Prague, tasty klobása and a great combination of beer and outdoor activities including yoga, running and slack lining. Although grilling and fire-starting is not allowed on the hill, there are plenty of food options in the beer garden. It is also a great place to bring your children, a guitar and your pet dog.

There are dog people and there are cat people. If you are the latter, Social Point Cat Café will become your new favorite place. This original café has a pay-per-time system which includes free hot drinks, snacks and play time with adorable purring fur-balls. Besides cats there are also board games, a theater room and a bunch of game consoles to try out on a large flat screen.

If you thought that Social Point sounded refreshingly geeky, then prepare to be overwhelmed by Geekárna. Everything about Geekárna is geeky from its themed decoration, dress-up events to the special geeked-out drinks. With a nice capacity for up to 60 geeks there are plenty of board games, magazines and comic books for everyone to enjoy.

On a totally different level you will find Cross Club, an exciting place to be not just after sundown. The uniquely designed multicultural center is made almost entirely out of scrap metal and interesting spinning mystery items. The futuristic design is only one of the perks – at Cross Club you can experience great drum and bass music at night and sip coffee at the café during the day.

In Prague, cafés are just about as popular as bars and for a good reason. Choco-Café at the Red Chair is a good example of a café that you visit “for the one” and don’t leave until hours later. Offering mouth-watering hot chocolate (made of melted chocolate of course) that come in a rich variety of flavors: some are even alcoholic. The café also boasts a great location near the National Theater and comfortable sofas to lounge in.

Equally as homey as the Red Chair café but with an unusual twist is Žižkovšiška. Located not far from the Žižkov tower, Žižkovšiška offers beer as well as non-alcoholic drinks. Here you can buy maps and a wide selection of quirky items or you can enjoy cool events such as jewelry making workshops and Sunday Soup (live music jam with homemade soup). The cozy venue is perfect for organizing a party or event which can be arranged by contacting the owner.

There are many other popular expat spots such as The Globe known for its quiz night and brunch menu that includes fluffy pancakes. There is also Bukowskis known for their free-sangria ladies nights on Tuesdays. Last but not least there’s the Beer Museum with an ever-changing selection of 30 beers on tap – a haven for beer-lovers. Each bar, club, café and tea house in Prague has something unique to offer, don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone and into what could be your new favorite place.

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