Work–life balance in Prague

Prague offers great jobs for university graduates and language talents

Prague is full of different job opportunities and above all, the city offers you a high quality of life. Teaching, for example, offers a lot of time off around holidays so you can enjoy life. Tourism and IT are also popular fields. In any professional area, you can enjoy generous parental leave, four weeks of vacation and the Czech Republic's relaxed atmosphere.

If you have language skills and the flair for education, Prague can be a really good option with over 100 language schools.

Most of the demand is for teaching English but German, French, Spanish, Italian or Russian are also highly in demand.

You will also benefit from the school holidays and be able to enjoy the Czech Republic and its neighboring countries. Indeed during the school year, 10 days are free around Christmas and New Year's Eve and one week for spring holidays. There are also six individual state holidays over the year.

Prague is a hotspot for tourism. With more than 21 million visitors in 2015, the Czech capital abounds of work opportunities in tourism as well.

For those who are more into technology, the IT sector booming in Czech Republic and this is probably one of the fields with the highest average salary.

In the same spirit, shared service centers are an increasing line of business in Czech Republic and can provide good work opportunities for expats. It is a dedicated unit which is focused on defined business functions. The aim is to reach a higher level of service quality at a lower cost level. Therefore, it provides jobs in accounting, human resources, payroll, IT, legal, compliance, purchasing, and so on.

This is just an overview of the kind of jobs you could find in Prague as an expat.

More than a job, Prague can provide you a really good work–life balance. Work conditions are excellent in Czech Republic, giving you the time to enjoy your stay in the country. The official working hours are 40 hours a week, which is on the European average, but the percentage of employees working very long hours is way bellow than the OECD average: Some 6 percent in Czech Republic compared to 13 percent in the OECD according to OECD's Better Life Index.

Moreover the four weeks of vacation per year and several state holidays enable you to enjoy the very central location of Czech Republic and to go on a trip to Berlin, Vienna, Budapest and many others nearby destinations.

Work–life balance in Prague is particularly interesting for those who are thinking about starting a family. Indeed, the parental leave policy is one of the strengths of Czech Republic. Paid maternity leave can lasts at most 28 weeks, around six to eight weeks before the birth of the child and 20 weeks after. The financial support is proportional to your salary and is around 70 percent. After the period of maternal leave you can extend it with parental leave until the child reaches 48 months. After this period of parental leave, your employer is obliged to offer you a position in line with your qualifications.

Furthermore, child care system in Prague is well-developed and offers a wide range of possibilities including state-run nurseries, babysitters and preschools. The prices are reasonable, with state-run nursery remaining the cheapest option.

The educational system is very good as well in term of quality. The average student scored 500 in reading literacy, math and science in the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) which is slightly higher than the OECD average of 497.

The safety that the city provides can be one more argument to help you to take a decision. Indeed, in the Czech Republic, 70 percent of the people say that they feel safe walking alone at night according to an OECD survey.

In this sense, Prague brings together all the conditions to find a job while thinking about starting a family and still enjoy your free time. And the many activities that offer Prague, from its wonderful parks to its very dynamic cultural life and its low-cost restaurants and high-quality beer, your free times will always have a holiday taste.

You don’t need to be in the Czech Republic to apply for a job, you can do it from your home via internet.

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