Prague is the best place to live

A survey of Czech regions compared over 50 criteria

Prague has been named the best region in the Czech Republic to live in, followed by the Pardubice region and Plzeň region. The worst region is the Moravia-Silesia region. The survey was carried out by Datank, with 1,400 respondents who rated 54 criteria in the fields of ecology and environment, health, social aspects, child care, education, working conditions, purchasing power, leisure, tourism, infrastructure development, security, civil society and tolerance.

Prague was praised in the study for its higher wages, ease of finding employment, health care and large numbers of civic and charitable organizations. Problems include crime, relative lack of green space and emissions from traffic, but these have improved from last year. Investment in the environment has risen from last place to fifth place.

Second-place Pardubice was also praised for work conditions, where it came in first place among all regions. This helped it to move to second place from the previous year's ninth-place ranking. The region has the third-lowest unemployment. The region was also praised for its safe roads and low crime rate. The downside included lack of infrastructure and a lack of leisure activities, childcare and education. The Pardubice region currently has the highest investment in the environment.

The Plzeň region, which was also in third place in the previous survey, also had falling unemployment and above-average salaries. It also has a large number of sports and entertainment facilities, and the region ranked first in sports. Infrastructure was a drawback, as many people in the region are not hooked up to sewer systems and the number of roads and highways is lower than in other regions.

The Moravia-Silesia region, which dropped to 14th and last place from 12th place, scored third-best for development of infrastructure but below average in every other major category.

Places that rose in the survey included the South Bohemia region, which rose to fourth place from fifth in the previous year. The Karlovy Vary region rose to sixth from being tied for seventh. Central Bohemia was also a big winner, rising up to 10th place from last place.

The Zlín region stayed steady at seventh place and South Moravia also stayed at ninth place. Both had been in ties before, but now hold their places unchallenged. Ústí nad Labem remained in the penultimate spot.

The Hradec Králové was among the big losers, falling to fifth place from second in the previous survey. Vysočina fell to 11th place from sixth. The Liberec region saw a big decline to eighth place from fourth place. The Olomouc region dropped one spot to 12th place from 11th.

The survey has been held since 2011. The Plzeň region came in first place twice, in 2011 and 2014.

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