#mezisvymi aims to dispell stereotypes

A social media project is intended to give positive stories of integration

The Integration Center of Prague launched a media campaign called “Among themselves” (Mezi svými), which seeks to tell the Czech public stories of foreigners who have settled in the country. The campaign hopes to dispel stereotypes that Czechs are hostile, cold and unfriendly.

The campaign is organized by the NGO in cooperation with the City of Prague and the Ministry of Interior.

People featured in the campaign are foreigners who relate their positive experiences with Czech people, showing them as friendly and helpful. Anyone can participate by posting photos on Instagram using the hashtag #mezisvymi, and the photos will be shown on the internet at mezisvymi.icpraha.com.

Prague citizens can also post photos showing positive interactions.

“Immigrant integration isn't an empty concept. They have been coming to us for many years, starting families and creating new friendships, they have become our neighbors and part of our society. We Czechs are always able to give a helping hand … despite what people often we think,” the website for the project states.

The website points out that due to the migration crisis, attitudes toward foreigners have been changing. “Despite the so far peaceful coexistence, there is a growing sense of fear and insecurity both among the majority and in foreigners. As a consequence of the lack of reliable information, we begin to assume negative attitudes. This is often the result of our own insecurities,” the website said, adding that the campaign also helps to showcase the activities of the Integration Center in Prague (Integrační centrum Praha).

“This campaign is primarily aimed at the general public and presents several foreigners who found a new home in Prague. It acquaints us with their stories and the reasons that compelled them to leave their country, and also with how they went about integration and the role that Czechs played,” the site states. This sort of refection is very valuable right now, according to the Integration Center.

For more information, see www.mezisvymi.icpraha.com or www.facebook.com/ICPraha

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