Spring makes its way to Prague

It is this point in the year where you will begin to see people from all walks of life truly embrace the Prague lifestyle

Central Europe is never dull. Aside from the abundance of entertainment on offer, it is somewhere that really experiences the different seasons in full. Winter is bitterly cold, summer is wonderfully warm and autumn is majestically beautiful. However, in March, the people of Prague can begin to remove the excessive layers of clothing they were accustomed to in winter as spring begins to warm the streets and brings smiles to the residents.

Prague’s beauty is does not only appear in the warmer months. With snow covering the rooftops, trees and cars it is hard not to be dazzled by what can only be described as a winter wonderland. Nonetheless, with darker days and low temperatures it is understandable that people can begin to tire from the relentless cold and begin to dream of the sun’s rays. It is noticeable in the expressions of the citizens that as the days grow longer and heat up, that the people warm up too. Pathetic fallacy is the attribution of human feelings and responses to inanimate things or nature. That is, as the weather improves, so do people’s emotions. This is more evident than anywhere in Prague.

As a city that is known for its beer gardens and parks, these are only really accessible during the warmer months. It is this point in the year where you will begin to see people from all walks of life truly embrace the Prague lifestyle. Tourists begin to flock the streets and bars are continuously full and parks play host to all variety of events like picnics and sports. The flower boxes begin to fill with the earliest blooms, Easter celebrations take place and the general anticipation around the city grows as the locals prepare for the busy summer period.

There are major springtime events every year in Prague such as the excellent Easter markets. Beginning in April, the Easter markets offer so much to not only expats and tourists but also the locals. The markets consist of highly decorated wooden stalls selling not just food and drink but also traditional handicrafts. Items such as glassware, jewellery, embroidered lace, wooden toys, ceramics and scented candles are just a handful of what is on offer. As is tradition in Easter, hand painted eggs are a speciality also and not to be missed. The variety of food available is staggering, large spit roasted hams, klobasas, burgers and dessert items such as trdelnik are just a few you will find. When you have eaten your local delights it is only right to wash it down with one of the local beers. This can all be enjoyed while being entertained by local musicians in the various concert venues around the city.

Dating back to before the communist era, the markets have endured times of trouble. They blossomed in the times before communism but the religious aspects of Easter meant the markets suffered. However, since the fall of communism the markets were rejuvenated with people flocking in their thousands to enjoy the free to enter wonders of the event. Alternatively, should you wish to avoid the hustle and bustle of the busy city centres it is quite easy to find a cosy bar or café and enjoy a warm bowl of soup or a hot beverage. The historic districts are stunning and entice you to take a light stroll through while the castle is magnificent all year round and certainly worth a visit during spring time.

Even looking further ahead as May approaches, the romance of Czech capital is heightened as the Czech Valentine’s Day comes around. May 1st is the day of love for Czech people and in a city as picturesque as Prague there is no better place to spend time with your loved one.

Simply put there is never an uninteresting period in Prague. As the winter coats beginning to stay hung up on the rack and the shorts and skirts make their presence known, spring brings events and opportunities galore to all in Prague. It is a time get out and see Prague firsthand, really embrace the culture and have a beer, or two.

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