Chinese, Americans and Russians prefer Prague

The majority of foreigners from several countries live in the Czech capital

Some 37.4 percent of foreigners in the Czech Republic live in Prague, but some nationalities prefer the capital more than others, according to figures from the Foreigner Police based on temporary and permanent residency permits.

Some 68.4 percent of Americans prefer to live in Prague, and 62.1 percent of Russians. In total, there are 5,998 Americans in Prague, putting them in fifth place. Russians have a larger presence. Russians have been the fastest-growing group, rising three-fold since 2004 to reach 22,363 people. Currently, they are the third-largest group of foreigners in the city.

Chinese also prefer Prague, with 69.1 percent living there. But they are in seventh place with just 4,286 people.

The largest group by shear numbers in both Prague and the Czech Republic is Ukrainians, with 47,499 in the capital, but this is just 43.1 percent of the group living in the country. Slovaks are second with 29,068 in Prague, accounting for a paltry 27.1 percent.

A majority of Britons also live in Prague, with 3,646 Brits accounting for 58.0 percent of the group in the country. They are in ninth place. Also in the top 10 are people from Kazakhstan, with 3,553 people accounting for 63.0 percent.

Percentagewise, the record is held by North Koreans, with 100 percent of registered people from the Hermit Kingdom in Prague. That is a bit misleading, since there are only five of them and they face special restrictions.

Germans, however, have a bit of an aversion for the capital, as just 17.5 percent, or 3,721, live there. They are in eighth place among foreigners in the capital. Also in a minority are the Vietnamese at 21.1 percent, in fourth place, and Bulgarians at 35.3 percent in sixth place.

The number of foreigners living in Prague is low compared to other European capitals but it has been increasing. The percentage also is now higher than it was during the First Republic. In 1930 the percentage of foreigners was 7.6 percent and in 2011 it was 7.9 percent.

When you look at figures from the Central Bohemian region, the top 10 countries are a bit different. Slovakia is the biggest group, followed by Ukrainians, Vietnamese and Russians. Britons come in 10th place. Americans, Brits and Kazakhs don't even make the list. In their place are people from Poland, Romania and Moldova.

Prague attracts foreigners mainly for economic reasons related to jobs and also for its cultural attractions.

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