Prague Culture Shock - Introduction

A 12-part guide to the subtle - and not-so-subtle - nuances that make the Czech capital a more memorable experience

So, it's your first morning in Prague, and, after being totally ripped off taking a taxi (complete with grumbling driver), you arrive at your hostel in the middle of some neighborhood with spray-paint all over the front door.

Trying not to freak out before you get a chance to taste the fabled beer of this country, you calm yourself by repeating "It's only two weeks" and look forward to the promised breakfast that your accommodation provides.

However, upon first sight, you see not eggs, bacon, orange juice, and Wonder Bread toast, but a bunch of pink meat spread out on a platter, warm cheese, bottles of sparkling water, and thick slices of brown-gray bread.

Hmmm, you may think. I guess it really is different here. Well, you’re not wrong. Here are some things to know before you fully inject yourself with Prague...

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