Getting Married in Prague - Step 4

A step-by-step guide to the bureaucracy involved in tying the knot in the Czech Republic

Certified Translations of the Birth Certificate and the Certificate of Marriageability

What is it and why do I need it?

Birth Certificate: A certified Czech translation of your birth certificate must be attached to the notarized English-language copy of your birth certificate - and this must be an official translation, with lots of stamps and signatures and stuff.

Certificate of Marriageability: Same deal. You'll need an official Czech translation of this document, bearing the translator's seal and testimony.


1,142 CZK (571 CZK Each)

Where and how do I get it?

I went to Interlingua Servis (Spálená 17, Prague 1-Nové Město), but feel free to shop around. A trusted friend, whose main income is from helping foreigners get visas here recommended Interlingua.

Prices for this service are pretty much standard - at least 500 CZK per page. I'd be cautious about any place that offered it much cheaper than that, as they may not have the official stamp. How are you to know what the hell it actually says anyway?

Completing this step is relatively straightforward. It can take Interlingua two to four days to complete a single page, depending on how busy they are, but they're not a government office, so don't worry.

Difficulty Rating

2 out of 10

(1 = Easy; 10 = Hair-Pulling Devilry)

OK, the fairly painless part is over. Take a deep breath...

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