Getting Married in Prague - Step 7

A step-by-step guide to the bureaucracy involved in tying the knot in the Czech Republic

The Municipal Authority - Registry Department
(Městská část/Městské úřad - Odbor Matrik)

What is it and why do I need it?

This group of papers includes:

• An identity confirmation

• A questionnaire (in Czech) that both partners must fill out and sign

• An application for an affidavit that states that you aren't mentally disabled and being taken advantage of

• An affidavit confirming, for me, that my wonderful wife wasn't kidnapping an idiot

Note: Your Czech fiancé(e) must bring their ID and original birth certificate to this office.


Free. (Finally, a break...)

How and where do I get it?

I went to the Prague 1 Municipal Office at Vodičkova 18. For some inexplicable reason, this office will only see people on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the times flip-flop. Go there and check.

By now you should know to get there when the doors open, in case you find out that you have to go somewhere else, to get some crazy stamp or other. That's especially true here.

Go upstairs one floor, past the security guard, and look for the Odbor matrik.

This office, although the nicest of them all, was the true horror of this entire process. One of the evil harridans who worked there told us that the questionnaire we were missing was only obtainable at the church.

We left angrily, and called the priest who would lead the ceremony. He told us that he got these documents from the municipal office, not the other way around.

We went back and talked to another employee, who rudely told us that two of my documents were unacceptable, but gave us the questionnaire.

On the third trip, we were dealt with by yet another employee, who frowned for a while but eventually completed everything for us. I almost stopped breathing in there.

We ran out before they could rescind anything.

Difficulty Rating

10 out of 10

(1 = Easy; 10 = Hair-Pulling Devilry)

Special Note

Quite frankly, this place scared me. On my last visit, I actually brought a bottle of nice wine as a, uh, gift. I was desperate, and if ill-disguised bribery would work, then I'd do it.

Luckily, after I'd bought the "gift", my fiancée told me that we'd probably be dealing with a different woman this time around.

This step was definitely the most difficult one.

Our problems were compounded by the fact that, because we're young and crazy, we'd planned the wedding haphazardly, and the ceremony was now only three days away.

Hopefully, you'll plan your shindig a little better, now that you have this rough guide to getting married here.

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