Getting Married in Prague - Conclusion

A step-by-step guide to the bureaucracy involved in tying the knot in the Czech Republic

This process probably wasn't as difficult as it is in some countries - like Somalia, for example, where it's now illegal to get married unless your parents agree to the union.

Now that your expectations regarding government offices have been jarred a little, it should be a walk in the park if you follow these guidelines. It's always more difficult when you don't know what the hell is going on.

One final note, however. Although it may seem a peculiar place for a Jew and an atheist to get married, we found a small Hussite church in Malá Strana, called Svatý Jan Křtitel Na prádle. (The English name is Saint John the Baptist of Levant, even though "na prádle" literally means "on laundry".)

It's a simple, white-walled, 900-year old chapel, where the wonderful Mr. Jan Židlický is minister. This guy is funny, entertaining, and, with his wavy gray hair, big smile and tan, looks like a Hollywood priest.

He can carry out ceremonies in English, Czech, and German, all without the certified translator.

He sings, beautifully, gets out special decorations for the ceremony, and gets his colleague - a chain-smoking woman in a leopard-print jacket with a fantastic black, spiky mullet - to play music for you on a keyboard.

And he gives you an animated Hussite bible when you're done.

He also charges no fee for this service, but since you're probably saving 3,000 crowns by not having to pay for the translator, it's recommended that you give a very nice donation to the church.

Altogether, the marriage-license process should cost around 3,250 crowns - not including your donation to Mr. Židlický - plus several hours of your time and three forehead wrinkles.

Good luck, and remember:

If it doesn't work out, you still have the Hussite bible.

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