Kellner and Babiš remain richest Czechs

Only one of the top 10 richest was a drop in wealth in the past year

The richest Czechs keep getting richer. Out of the top 10 richest Czechs, only one saw a drop in their finances. All of the top 10 were males. Daniel Křetínský was youngest, as 42 years of age. Eduard Kučera was oldest, at 64.

Forbes has updated its figures but has not issued a new detailed list for the world. The Czech edition of Forbes, however, has published a list of the richest Czechs based on the updated figures, compared to their wealth a year ago.

Petr Kellner has remained the wealthiest Czech, with an estimated Kč 310 billion, up from Kč 255 billion last year. He was listed as the105th richest person in the world by Forbes Magazine in March of this year.

Kellner owns PPF Group, which has grown thanks to the successful development of Home Credit's homebuilding business in Asia, and especially in China.

The second richest Czech is Andrej Babiš with Kč 88 billion, up from Kč 70 billion. He was the 564th richest person in the world in March.

Babiš, who leads the political party ANO, has his assets in two trust funds to avoid conflict of interest but remains the only beneficiary. Babiš stepped down as finance minister on May 24 but his party is in strong contention for the upcoming parliamentary elections. Forbes called Babiš “the Czech Republic's version of Donald Trump,” referring to his involvement in business and politics.

Following are Radovan Vítek, currently with Kč 57 billion, up from Kč 49 billion; while Karel Komárek has Kč 55 billion, up from Kč 49 billion. They were 867th and 939th richest respectively.

Vítek has made his money in real estate. Komárka is benefiting from the development the lottery group Sazka Group across the European market. He is also involved with KKCG group.

Rounding out the top five is industrialist Daniel Křetínský with Kč 50 billion, up from Kč 22 billion. He qualified as a dollar billionaire for the first time this year. He ranked as 1030th richest in March.

Holding steady was coal and real estate investor Pavel Tykač, with Kč 31 billion, the same as a year ago. He was 1567th richest in the last list of billionaires.

Two big movers were Eduard Kučera and Pavel Baudis of Avast Software, which makes anti-virus and anti-malware applications. They tied for seventh and eight place with Kč 21 billion each, up from Kč 10.3 billion. Currently, they are just short of qualifying as dollar billionaires and were not on Forbes' list in March.

Marek Dospiva of Penta Investments came in ninth with Kč 20.7 billion, up from Kč 18.2 billion.

The only one to drop in wealth was investor Zdeněk Bakala, who currently has Kč 18 billion, down from Kč 20 billion.

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