TEDxPrague coming to Forum Karlín

This year the main theme is the Beautiful New World

The eighth annual edition of the inspirational festival TEDx in Prague will be held on Saturday, November 4, 2017, in Forum Karlín.

This year's theme is the Beautiful New World. “Today's world is changing faster than ever. New technologies intertwine our lives and invisibly modify our everyday existence. What looked like a distant future 30 years ago is now here and present,” Matěj Novák, who leads the team of organizers, said.

“Is it possible to separate the positive benefits of technological development from their opposite sides? Will we as people manage to control technological development or become its victims? How can we cope with rapid change in our personal lives? And what should we do as a society? TEDxPrague 2017 will try to find answers to all these questions,” Novák said.

The biggest TEDxPrague celebrity will be British scientist Kevin Warwick, a cybernetics professor known by the nickname Captain Kyborg. He became the first person in the world to have an implant in his hand that allowed him, for example, to control a door, lighting, or heating.

Other speakers include Pavel Kysilka, the three-time winner of Banker of the Year and former governor of the Czech National Bank, who will comment on the digital revolution and its economic, business and social impacts.

Scientist Kateřina Nováková has a concept for a recycled plastic brick and works with recycling concepts. Philanthropist Jan Školník focuses on regional development and civil society. Psychiatrist and neurobiologist Filip Tylš is interested in psychedelic substances. Therapist Sugandho combines Western psychology with alternative Eastern methods.

An important part of the program will also be the future of education. Zuzana Labudová has been teaching programs for teenagers and teachers for 20 years. Ondřej Šteffl, founder of Scio, speaks about testing of students.

In the breaks, participants can again enjoy unconventional interactive entertainment. In this section, the organizers and partners want visitors to get the most powerful and most original experience from every TEDx event.

TEDx is a non-profit organization centered around sharing inspiring ideas and stories. TEDxPrague was established in 2009.

The organization would like to offer space to people and ideas according to a different key than usual. Rather than presenting the best speakers to the world, it is trying to help essential and interesting thoughts come to the light.

TED and TEDx events are the meeting point of people of different professions that help to interconnect otherwise very different worlds. The original scope of TED (short for Technology & Entertainment & Design) has extended to science, research, art, business and civil society activities.

For more information visit www.tedxprague.cz/en/home

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