Job vacancies hit record

Some 216,000 jobs were unfilled at the end of 2017

The Czech Republic continues to have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the European Union. According to the latest figures from the Czech Statistical Office, the unemployment rate was 2.5 percent in November 2017. The male unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted, was at 2.0 percent; the female unemployment rate was 3.0 percent.

The number of vacancies announced by employers at labor offices rose to a record 216,000 at the end of last year for the Czech Republic.

Companies are having difficulty filling positions, and the effects have been felt for example in Prague with a lack of tram and bus drivers, which has led to longer waiting times.

The areas where there are gaps in the job marker include qualified staff, and these areas have been problematic for a long time. 

Higher wages in other EU countries have also led many skilled workers to seek jobs elsewhere. This is combined with restrictive policies that make it harder for people to enter the Czech Republic to do both highly skilled jobs and low-pay factory-type work.Experts in labor have also long criticized education in the Czech Republic for putting too much stress on theoretical aspects and not enough on practical knowledge or on job training.

Experts also say that wages will need to rise to fill some of the positions and that if the job positions are not filled it will become a drag on the further growth of the economy as production will slow down.

The lack of employees most affected manufacturers who have difficulty occupying assembly and craft positions.

At the end of 2017, according to the Labor Office of the Czech Republic, the greatest interest was in assembly workers, auxiliary workers, drivers, smiths, tool makers, cleaners, construction craft, welders, and chefs.

Most vacancies at Labor Offices on Dec. 31, 2017

Installation workers of products and equipment 23,897
Auxiliary workers in production 15,105
Support workers in mining and construction 14.929
Drivers of trucks, buses, and trams 10,624
Blacksmiths, toolmakers and related workers 10,040
Cleaners and helpers 8,013
Craftsmen, skilled construction workers 7,181
Foundry, welders and related workers 7,014
Handling of mobile devices 6,546
Chefs 5,903
Protection and security personnel 5,587
Operating machines for rubber, plastic items 4,365
Auxiliary workers in transportation and storage 4,020
Support workers in agriculture and forestry 4,012
Retailers. and wholesalers. shops, vendors, etc. 3,569
Analysts and developers of software 3,557
Other operators of stationary machinery 3,001
Waiters, waitresses and bartenders 2,982

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