Amadeus Media Group officially launches

Two media services say joining together is better than competing

Regular readers or fans of videos from Prague.TV and Prague Morning have perhaps already noticed that the two entities have joined forces. The cooperation is based on joint media production, sales and also a joint presentation to the public. Both companies will still remain independent, but an umbrella brand was created to make it easier for clients and the public to recognize this new service in town.

The focus of Amadeus Media is to help local businesses promote their services in the best way possible to the foreign or expat community in Prague. With a combined total of over 500,000 page visits per month and over 160,000 followers on social media channels, Amadeus Media Group is the leading international media service in Prague, Czech Republic.

Together, the group operates several portals and social media pages. In Prague, in English there is Prague.TV, Prague Morning, Prague Monitor and Prague Connect. In addition, in South Moravia there is Brno Daily.

For jobs across the country, the group has and Aside from English, the group supports the German-language market with Tschech.News.

These sites together cover a broad spectrum of news, entertainment and business topics in Prague and across the country.

‘’We are happy that we took this step to join forces. Since January, we have been in a kind of a test phase, and since beginning of April we have started to make this cooperation official. Our main aim is to increase the quality of our service, and our team is working hard every single day to achieve that. We are at the start of a new era of international media in Prague and Czech Republic. Prague has a very unique expat community, and we think it deserves a unique media service,’’ Gabriela Anscombe, director of PTV Media says. PTV Media operates Prague.TV, Prague Monitor and other websites.

Prague Morning also is enthusiastic about the cooperation. “The expat community in Prague and in general across the Czech Republic is growing year after year. Companies have realized this, and they no longer consider the foreign community to be a secondary market,” Massimo Parolisi, director of Prague Morning, said.

“Together, we are now able to offer all types of online services that a company can seek, such as PR articles, banners, and videos — including reportage, promos and TV commercials— as well as partnership on events,” he added.

For the launch of Amadeus Media, a new service webpage is online with more information about services and samples of work done so far.

If you are interested to take the next step with your company and you are ready for new clients, visit

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