Černý Most garage to start construction

Prague City Hall approved funding for several projects

A large P + R parking garage will be built at Černý Most, a secondary school in Prague 9 will undergo a complete renovation and almost five dozen schools and companies will be able to carry out educational activities.

These are some of the 48 projects the Prague City Council approved for almost Kč 568 million in the framework of the Operational Program Prague – the Pole of Growth of the Czech Republic, which uses EU funds.

The 880-car parking garage, which is going to be built at Černý Most starting this year, is the most costly of these projects at approximately Kč 324 million. Parking will be at a discount to encourage people to use the garage, rather than drive in the city. Preparations began in 2011, but the project was delayed by red tape.

Drivers will be able to use the garage starting in 2021. Spaces will also be available for vehicles using alternative fuels, minivans, motorcycles and bicycles.

“We are extremely pleased that we have managed to resolve everything, and that it is possible to start construction. The parking lot will relieve both drivers coming to Prague who would like to leave the car in this area and continue to the center by public transport, as well as to the Prague residents, who will be less burdened by noise, exhaust, traffic jams and accidents,” City Councilor Irena Ropková, responsible for education and European funds, said on the City Hall website.

The parking garage will be built close to the exit from the R1 motorway in the direction from Mladá Boleslav and Hradec Králové, near the shopping centers Makro, Hornbach and Sconto. The new building will replace the current ground-based parking facility, which has one-third of the capacity.

The neighboring roads, bus stops and Černý Most metro station will be connected by a barrier-free overground footbridge via Chlumecká Street.

“Because the garage will bring a universal benefit to Prague, the capital will support its operation financially. Because of this, it will be possible to use this guarded parking garage with modern facilities for a symbolic Kč 20 per day,” Ropková said.

The appearance of the garage will respect the nature of the surrounding buildings, and it will bring functional and aesthetic elements thanks to its materials and the use of climbing plants, according to City Hall.

Another major project, which will receive nearly Kč 200 million, is a pilot project for the transformation of a secondary school building in Českobrodská Street in Prague 9–Hrdlořezy into an energy self-sufficient building. The three-story building from 1974, which was expanded 20 years later, is now undergoing a complete renovation.

“The building does not meet current needs, both by its disposition and by the materials used. In some cases they are at the limit of life, in addition, a survey has confirmed the presence of asbestos-based substances in some non-load bearing and filler structures. In addition, from a thermal-technical point of view it does not comply with today's legislation,” Ropková said.

Other projects will improve the quality of education at Prague schools. A total of Kč 27.9 million will go to 38 projects on inclusion and multicultural education.

Several projects will help integrate school children who do not have Czech as their native language. Other projects will teach about democracy and different cultures.

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