29 parties running for Prague City Hall

The ballot assignments have been announced for the October elections

Prague City Hall drew numbers for the ballot positions for the municipal elections that will be held Oct. 5–6.

Expats from EU countries can vote in the municipal elections if they register in advance at their local district office, but not the Senate elections.

There are 29 parties or initiatives seeking seats on the City Assembly, and the party that controls the eventual ruling coalition that forms the City Council will have the mayoral post.

The parties are listed in a different order each time so as to keep any particular party from always being first on the list and seeming to have a preference.

Most parties or citizen initiatives have little chance of success in getting seats on the City Assembly but sometimes manage to get spots in district town halls.

ANO, which now holds the mayoral post, will have the number 27on the ballot.

The party that is leading according to a recent opinion poll is the Pirates, who will have number 11.

Other parties that were ranked high in the Kantar TNS opinion poll for Czech Television, released earlier this month, include the Civic Democrats (ODS) with number 22 and Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) at 19.

TOP 09 is running in a wide coalition with Mayors and Independent (STAN), the Christian Democrats (KDU-ČSL), LES and Democrats of Jan Kasl, and United Force for Prague. Together they have number six.

The Social Democrats (ČSSD) have 21. The Greens have number 18 and the Communists have number eight.

The rest of the parties are not currently in the City Assembly or not polling at any significant level. Several are very specialized in their interests on particularly local matters, while others tend to be built around a single politician or have extremist views.

The announcement of the ballot numbers was delayed by two legal challenges, both of which failed in the Municipal Court. The Mayors and Independents challenged the group called Mayors for Prague (Starostové pro Prahu) over the use of the Czech word for “mayor,” as they claimed it caused confusion. The other suit was by the Anti-Pirate party against Praha Sobě on a technical issue.

The number of parties running is fewer than in 2014 when there were a record 31 groups. In 2014, ANO won with 17 seats in the 65-member City Assembly. TOP 09 got 16 seats, the Three-Party Coalition of Greens, STAN and KDU-ČSL got eight seats, as did the and the KDU-ČSL, while the Pirates and the Communists got four seats each.

Prague ballot positions and mayoral candidates:

1 Patriots (Patrioti) - Jiří Vítek
2 Open City Hall (Otevřená radnice) - Ivan Holešinský
3 Společnost proti developerské výstavbě v Prokopském údolí - Tomáš Krčma
4 protiPirátská kandidátka - mládí a zkušenost vpřed. Prahu Dál Rozkrádat Nedáme! - Josef Vrana
5 S.O.S. Za Práva Zvířat - sdružení DSZ a NK - Hana Janišová
6 TOP 09 a Starostové ve spolupráci s KDU-ČSL, LES a Demokraty Jana Kasla - Spojené síly pro Prahu - Jiří Pospíšil
7 Volte Pravý Blok - Petr Cibulka
8 Komunistická strana Čech a Moravy, KSČM - Marta Semelová
9 Dost Je Dost! Občané za svá práva - Ladislav Kunert
10 PLUS - Jan Saudek
11 Czech Pirate Party (Česká pirátská strana) - Zdeněk Hřib
12 Jauner Czechoslovakia 2018 (Jauner Československo 2018) - Stanislava Helferová
13 Občanská demokratická aliance [ODA] - Krásná Praha - Pavel Sehnal
14 Sanity (Rozumní) - Petr Hannig
15 Independence (Nezávislí) - Petra Šikýřová
16 Mayors for Prague (Starostové pro Prahu) - Karel Fischer
17 Sdružení pro republiku - Republikánská strana Československa Miroslava Sládka - Jiří Dubský
18 Green Party (Strana zelených) - Ondřej Mirovský
19 Svoboda a přímá demokracie - Tomio Okamura, SPD - Hynek Beran
20 Prague for Itself (Praha Sobě) - Jan Čižinský
21 Czech Social Democratic Party ČSSD - Jakub Landovský
22 Civic Democratic Party  ODS - Bohuslav Svoboda
23 Romany Democratic Party (Romská demokratická strana, RDS) - Antonín Gondolán
24 Strana soukromníků České republiky - Ladislav Linek
25 Zemanites (Zemanovci) - Jaroslav Dvořák
26 WDělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti, DSSS - Petr Günther
27 ANO 2011 - Petr Stuchlík
28 PRO Zdraví a Sport - Tomáš Dvořák
29 Evropská koalice pro Prahu - Jiří Witzany

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