Brexit: What UK Citizen Living in the Czech Republic Should Do Now?

An upcoming seminar about how to handle the fallout of Brexit.

Brexit: What UK Citizen Living in the Czech Republic Should Do Now?

Are you a UK citizen living in the Czech Republic? Do you know what to do before Brexit happens on the 31st of October 2019 in order to stay legally in the Czech Republic? Some paperwork must be completed before this date due to the fact that UK citizens won’t be considered as EU citizens anymore.

The Czech Government confirms the freedom of movement for UK citizens who reside in the Czech Republic. They can stay in the country until the end of October 2019, when the UK leaves the European Union. 

What will happen during the so-called transition period which lasts from October 31st to December 31st, 2020? UK citizens can legally live in the Czech Republic while applying for new documents, depending on the purpose of the stay. 

According to the newly established law, UK residents may legally stay in the Czech Republic until the end of 2020, if they are a holder of:
Certificate of temporary residence
Permanent residence permit
Residence card of a family member of an EU citizen

Want to know more about Brexit and what to do before and after Brexit happens? Join the special Brexit webinar held by Foreigners on Tuesday, October 1st. It’s a free online event where an experienced Immigration Consultant will share her knowledge about Brexit and how to deal with it if you as a Brit want to stay in the Czech Republic.

The event will be streamed from the Foreigners Facebook page on October 1st at 18:30. If you have any questions you want to hear the answers for during the webinar, fill them in this form.

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