10 Coworking Spaces in Prague

A look at Prague's shared working venues

Office sharing has been gaining popularity because it gives freelancers a chance to share a space, experience an office environment and even share ideas. Working around others can be a great motivator and a distraction-free office can lead to better focus and less procrastination. There are many different coworking options in Prague each with their own unique perks.

1. Locus Workspace (EN and CZ)

Lotus is a great workspace if you’re looking for a location in the city center. Locus has two locations, one in Prague 1 near Museum metro stop and the other in Prague 3, Vinohrady. Office access is available 24/7 and it’s possible to try out one day at the Locus Workspace for free.

Membership fees depend on various factors – non-stop membership is 3,500 CZK/month, a fixed table is 4,500 CZK/month, seven days a week is 1,900 CZK/month and evenings + weekends is 1,500 CZK/month. Other forms of membership include virtual which costs just 3,000 CZK for 6 months or just 400 CZK a day.

Locus Workspace, Krakovská 1307/22 Prague 1
Locus Workspace, Slezská 857/45 Prague 3

2. Impact Hub Prague (EN and CZ)

The Impact Hub, located in Prague 5, is one of the best known co-working spaces in Prague. The Hub offers fully-equipped offices and open-space facilities for rent with access to two bars, a lounge and a relaxation zone. The Hub will take care of cleaning services, internet and postal services.

Membership starts at 300 CZK a month and office rentals depend on the time and days of the week. They are available for teams from 2 people up to 15, with larger meeting spaces available for rent. One of the perks to the Hub is the great atmosphere created by motivated freelancers and it developed itself to an event point of education and also parties.

Impact HUB, Drtinova 557/10 Prague 5

3. Desk Room (EN and CZ)

Located in Malá Strana, Desk Room is one of the few coworking spaces where you can rent a desk by hourly rate. The Prague office charges just 19 CZK/hour for a single desk and 62.5 CZK/hour for a conference room.

Desk Room offers shared offices with individual work places, a company domicile for a business license, postal services and conference rooms with video and audio capabilities. They even offer a shower, laptop and projector rental and, of course, a great internet connection.

Desk Room, Prokopská 296/8 Prague 1

4. Node 5 (EN)

Located in Prague 5, this coworking space offers a fast temporary work spot whenever you want for just 200 CZK (+VAT) for a day. If you pre-purchase 10 entries you pay 990 CZK (+VAT) which saves you 40%. Renting an office during daytime hours between 9AM and 5PM costs just 1,300 CZK a month. However VIP membership with 24/7 access costs 3,400 CZK a month.

Node 5 has 130 active members who are working on 23 projects & start-ups with 252 alumni members. 148 events have been hosted and approximately 26,307 coffees have been consumed! The space offers a large meeting room with up to 40 seats, a small meeting room for 16 and there’s an event space that can accommodate up to 200 people for a party.

Node 5, Radlická 50 Prague

5. Free2work (CZ and EN)

Membership at free2work starts at 1,250 CZK per month which is just 25 CZK per hour. The office is conveniently located in Karlovo Namesti and offer spaces according to your needs. A small meeting room, large meeting room, work desk and big conference room are available.

Free2WOrk / Coworking Prague, Karlovo nám. 7/325 Prague 2

6. SVĚT-HUB (CZ and EN)

Located in Prague 2, SVĚT-HUB is a great space for individuals and teams to work. They offer a tailored solution to their clients’ needs and full non-stop membership costs as little as 2,690 CZK per month. Signing a contract for 6 months, you get one contract for free. You can try it out by just renting it for a few hours which costs 49 CZK per hour.

Svet-Hub, Slovenska 21 Prague 2

7. IN-SPIRO (CZ and EN)

IN-SPIRO promotes coworking, motivation, inspiration community and above all a certain kind of lifestyle! Located in Prague 7, you can experience a day in the office for free. The monthly price depends on the length of the contract. They also host events including seminars, workshops and parties.

In-Spiro, Argentinská 286/38 Prague 7

8. Pracovna s.r.o. (CZ and EN)

The word “pracovna” means home office in Czech. Located near the church in Žižkov, Pracovna is a space for rent that can be tailored to individual needs. It is also a non-smoking café great for informal meetings – it’s open between 8AM and 10PM. The prices for the shared space start at 2,500 CZK.

Pracovna, Vlkova 36 Prague 3

9. Paper Hub (CZ and EN)

Located in Prague 7, Holešovice, the Paper Hub offers a multifunctional room (capacity for 100), a coworking space (capacity for 30) and a meeting room (capacity for 10 – 12). The price starts at 300 CZK a month for 5 hours a month and it is possible to pay with bitcoins!

Paper Hub, Dělnická 43 Prague 7

10. TechSquare (EN)

TechSquare promotes the joining of forces between corporations and startups. They have different offers for corporations and for startups and their goal is for both parties to thrive. They organize events as well that help businesses as well as individuals.

TechSquare, Křižová 2598/4 Prague 5

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