CDK Global Announces ‘Bored?’ Contest Winners following The Beatles Revival Summer 2016 Tour!

It's time for a career with more colour!

‘We are investing in people’, Steve Reade, Business Service Centre Manager talks careers, opportunities, and how CDK Global is different than your usual Business Service Center.

Over the summer, CDK Global, the largest global provider of integrated information technology and digital marketing solutions, hosted a six-stop free concert tour around Prague featuring Brouci Band, a Beatles revival group. The advertisements for the concert featured the word “Bored?” in psychedelic colours, and promised a more colourful and dynamic career for qualified applicants.

The concerts aimed to find potential employees for the company, which over the summer opened its doors to a brand new Business Service Center in Prague 7. Qualified job applicants from the concert promotion were also entered into a contest, and on Friday 4th November these prizes were awarded. The inspiration behind the campaign, and the link to The Beatles, came from Prague’s infamous John Lennon Wall. The Lennon Wall is always evolving, and so are careers at CDK Global.

The Prague office handles Customer Support for its software for seven countries in Europe and also handles Finance for 26 countries. “We are a little different than most shared service centers,” Steve Reade, CDK Global Business Service Centre Manager said. The center is for CDK Global's products only, and is not a cold-calling center or a center that does outsourcing for other firms. “We have a different approach to how we deal with staff and the benefits we give. And the company is ever evolving because it is the software industry,” Reade said.

Qualified applicants who attended the summer tour were entered into a competition to win a top prize of a trip for two to Liverpool with a stay at a famous Beatles-themed hotel, a tour of the city and a visit to the Cavern, the club where the Beatles used to play before they were famous. A job was not guaranteed to the prize winners, but they are among the people being interviewed.

An applicant named Jana won the top prize. She saw the final concert in the Beatles revival tour at Náplavce, but didn't know much about CDK Global beforehand. By chance though, she had experience in one of the areas the company is looking for. “I have never won anything before,” she said. She also has not been to Liverpool before. “I like the Beatles; I like these old songs,” she added. But her favorite band is perhaps Chinaski, a Czech band that takes its name from a Charles Bukowski characters. Still, she was very enthusiastic about the trip and was impressed by everything that was included.

The second prize winner was Anna, who won dinner for two at a restaurant of her choice. She saw the concert in front of the Palladium shopping center after reading one of their ‘Bored?’ billboards. She also did not know much about the company at first. “I was curious so I asked a friend about it and they told me it was a new company in town!” she said.

“The campaign was very successful. We have already welcomed two new employees as a direct result of it and are in the process of interviewing more” Reade said. “We are currently looking for people who can speak Nordic languages and Spanish in Finance and for Italian speakers and Dutch speakers in Support.”

CDK Global will help you to grow your career, not only through focused investment in learning and development but also by enabling you to explore the opportunities our global market has to offer. The company has opportunities in a wide range of business areas so you will get the support, training and tools you need to make significant steps forward in your career. “We have opportunities for everybody”, Reade said, adding that there were also openings in Human Resources, Payroll and other areas, with the opportunity to work flexibly, and part time.

“There is a different concept in training as well,” Reade said, pointing out various programs in place, especially related to learning about Finance in different countries, as well as software certification programs. “A lot of Business Service Centers have cut costs, but we are going in the complete opposite direction. We are investing in people” Reade said.

Look out for more CDK Global efforts which again, will aim to give people the opportunity to learn about a career with CDK Global. The Beatles theme will continue, and take place at the end of November, with a double-decker ‘Bored?’ Bus making stops around Prague.

CDK Global is currently in the process of interviewing all of the applicants, focusing on people who have the language skills it has an immediate need for first. For more information, or to find out more about the available job opportunities, please visit

Prague Office Opening from CDK Global (International) on Vimeo.

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