Did you join the CDK Global Bored? Bus for a Career with More Colour?

The Business Service Center once again brought colour to the streets on Prague!

If you saw a red double decker bus making its way around the streets of Prague last week and wanted to know what it was all about… look no further because we’ve got the answers.

The Bored? Bus was the next step of a recruitment campaign for CDK Global, an international company with a new Business Service Center in Prague 7. CDK Global are the market-leading provider of software for the automotive industry, with clients spread across over 100 countries worldwide.

The double decker bus, originally from London, played classic Beatles tunes around the streets of Prague and was decorated with a banner with the psychedelically colored letters, “Bored?” These efforts were an extension of their summer campaign that brought free concerts to several locations in an attempt to raise brand awareness and bring in qualified applicants for both Finance, HR and Technical Support teams. The inspiration behind the Bored? Campaign, and the link to The Beatles, came from Prague’s infamous John Lennon Wall… The Lennon Wall is always evolving, and so are careers at CDK Global.

The bus visited nine locations around Prague near business districts and downtown, handing out gifts (CDK Christmas chocolates!) and asking for the contact information from people with the necessary job skills. “Over the summer we did sunglasses. This time, we had our winter giveaways,” said James Borrett, International Recruitment Advisor at CDK. “We had some of the team on the bus who had real conversations with people about careers,” he added.

“We wanted to involve our own staff members in the campaigns. We all work for CDK and we can give a great insight into why people should join us.” The bus itself drew a lot of attention, with people stopping to take videos and especially selfies with the branded bus. The summer concert campaign drew in hundreds of applications, and some of those people, after interviews, got job offers and a few have already been hired.

“We really want to get word out there that CDK is a top employer in Prague. We want to position ourselves as an employer that is a bit different, and offers diverse roles to people.” Currently the company is looking for German, Dutch, Danish, French and Italian speakers, among other Nordic languages. CDK looks for people with problem solving skills, analytical skills, and people who can communicate and have the drive to learn.

“We are looking to invest a lot of training into people. If somebody wants to challenge themselves we will give them that opportunity,” Borrett said.

A CDK employee who was riding along on the red double decker bus shared some of her first-hand experience. Daniela, a native of Ecuador, has been with the company's Finance department since November. She actually got three job offers at once and chose CDK because it had better communication and made a better offer. “I made a decision and I am happy,” she said, adding that CDK was very professional and she had great relationships with her colleagues. “It is very international. ”She had planned to return to Ecuador after finishing her studies at Charles University and the University of Economics, Prague, but stayed for personal reasons.

CDK has already sent her to Helsingborg, Sweden, for a week to study some particular aspects of Finance. “They do not mind investing in employees, which is good,” she said”. “I was very surprised because usually companies are not really ready to invest in you right away. Usually you have to wait at least a year. I just joined at the start of November and the second week I was in Sweden. I learned a lot of things and I will soon also travel to the UK for more training,” she said. She was also enthusiastic about her team leader in Prague, who she said was a good mentor with a lot of experience. “It is nice to have somebody you admire and [who is] very professional,” she said. Currently she is working in English, but she is looking forward to early next year when more Spanish speakers will be joining the office.

For more information, or to find out more about the available job opportunities, please visit www.cdkjobs.cz

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