Prague is EU's sixth-richest district

But Bratislava came in slightly ahead in a new EU statistical survey

The Czech capital Prague came in sixth place in a Eurostat ranking of regional GDP per capita, however it was beaten by Bratislava, Slovakia, which was fifth. Overall, Inner London-West was highest. The figures are from 2015, and of course despite the Brexit talks the UK is still part of the EU until the talks are finalized. The EU has 276 regions in total.

The statistics tracked the purchasing power standard (PPS), and set the average for the EU28 countries at 100. Prague purchasing power was at 178, or 78 percent above the average. Parts of the Czech Republic were below the EU average, and national average was also a bit below the EU average.

“In 2015, regional GDP per capita, expressed in terms of purchasing power standards, ranged from slightly less than 30 percent of the European Union average in the Bulgarian region of Severozapaden, to 580 percent of the average in Inner London-West in the United Kingdom,” a summary of the Eurostat report stated.

The figures can be a bit deceiving because in some regions the GDP per capita figures can be significantly influenced by commuter flows. “Net commuter inflows in these regions push up production to a level that could not be achieved by the resident active population on its own. There is a corresponding effect in regions with commuter outflows,” the Eurostat report cautioned.

The leading regions in the ranking after Inner London-West were the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (264 percent), Hamburg, Germany (206 percent), Brussels, Belgium (205 percent), Bratislava, Slovakia (188 percent), and Prague, Czech Republic (178 percent).

There were 20 regions with GDP per capita at 50 percent or more above the EU average of 100. Five were in Germany, four in the UK, two each in the Netherlands and Austria, and one each in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Slovakia and Sweden, as well as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, according to the report.

After Severozapaden in Bulgaria (29 percent), the lowest regions in the ranking were Mayotte in France (32 percent), Severen tsentralen and Yuzhen tsentralen in Bulgaria (both 33 percent) and Nord-Est in Romania (34 percent). Among the 19 regions with GDP per capita below 50 percent of the EU average, five were in Bulgaria, four each in Hungary and Poland, three in Romania, two in Greece and one in France.

GDP, and GDP per capita, provides a measure of the total economic activity in a region. It may be used to compare the degree of economic development of regions. GDP does not measure the income ultimately available to private households in a region, the report states.

The PPS (purchasing power standard) is an artificial currency that takes into account differences in national price levels. This unit allows meaningful volume comparisons of economic indicators across different countries.

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