Czech servers earn least, air traffic controllers the most

A survey of median wages shows some improvement due to the recovery

Waiters and waitresses are the lowest paid jobs in the Czech Republic, while air traffic controllers are the highest. Wages for assembly line workers doubled over the past five years. The data comes from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs' information system on average earnings (ISPV).

The gross median wage in the Czech Republic last year was Kč 24,187 before taxes and fees. Compared to the previous year it increased by 4.8 percent. The average gross wage last year was Kč 28,969.

The median wage shows the number that is in the middle of the statistics if all of the wage amounts were put in a line. It is considered preferable in statistics to the average because the average wage is pulled up by the highest paid workers, and the figure does not reflect what most people in a certain profession earn.

Waiters and waitresses last year earned a median wage of Kč 11,429 per month, which was up up Kč 1,080 since 2014 due in part to an increase in the minimum wage. The lowest paid earned Kč 9,299 per month while the highest was Kč 19,587.

In second place was assistant chef at Kč 11,927 followed by some types of janitors at Kč 12,040. Different types of janitors took up four of the bottom 10 places. The low level of wages in these areas reflects the lack of skill needed for these jobs.

Experts claim that some low-paid workers get additional money on the side “off the books”, but this is disadvantageous to workers because unemployment payments, pensions and maternity pay depend on the amount of reported wages.

Over the past five years, wages grew fastest for assembly line workers. The median gross wage increased by more than 206.5 percent. Last year it was Kč 19,938 while in 2011 amounted to Kč 9,656. This is due to increased demand because of the upturn in the economy, coupled with fewer people looking for this type of work.

The past five years also showed improvement in wages for managers for major companies and institutions, which increased 71 percent. This is also attributed to the upturn in the economy. Wages for managers often depend on the company's economic results.

The best paid jobs by median wage are air traffic controllers, who earned a gross salary of Kč 210,002 per month in the Czech Republic. In second place are top representatives of large companies and institutions with a gross median salary of Kč 155,201, but a tenth of them get Kč 475,085 per month.

The figures are supposedly the most accurate reflection of wages since it is compulsory for selected employers to contribute to the ministry survey. Data on wages in the public sector are calculated separately.

The worst paid jobs (median monthly wage):
1. Waiters and waitresses — Kč 11,429
2. Assistant cook — Kč 11,972
3. Janitors in food and manufacturing — Kč 12,040
4. Doormen — Kč 12,117
5. Security staff, guards — Kč 12,289
6. Janitors and helpers in health and social facilities — Kč 12,641
7. Kitchen maid — Kč 12,692
8. Janitors in accommodation and educational establishments — Kč 13,081
9. Janitors in office buildings — Kč 13,123
10. Dressmakers, seamstresses and related workers — Kč 13,418

The best paid jobs (median monthly wage):
1. Air traffic controllers — Kč 210,002
2. Top representatives of large companies and institutions — Kč 155,201
3. Pilots, navigators and flight engineers — Kč 102,661
4. Chief physicians in the medical field — Kč 91,586
5. Executives in financial services — Kč 89,787
6. Executives in advertising and public relations — Kč 82,861
7. Economic and financial directors — Kč 79,186
8. Business directors — Kč 78,483
9. Top representatives of medium-size companies and institutions — Kč 75 422
10. Executives in IT and operations — Kč 70 064

Source: Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

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