Car sector revenues set new record

The auto industry remains the largest in the Czech Republic

Revenues of automakers and car part suppliers in the Czech Republic crossed trillion crown mark for the first time to set a record Kč 1.02 trillion, according to the Automobile Industry Association (SAP). Revenues were up 12 percent on the year.

SAP members account for 24.4 percent of total industrial production revenues in the Czech Republic, up 2.4 percentage points from the previous year.

Some 85 percent of the auto industry's output goes abroad, and Czech carmakers were responsible for 21.7 percent of all Czech exports.

Over the past year, the number of employees rose by 4 percent to reach 117,000. Suppliers employed 76,649 people or 65 percent of all automotive workers.

Auto industry workers earn above-average wages, at Kč 34,820. The average salary in the country is Kč 28,842.

Only 3 percent of Czech employees work in the automotive industry, but they generate 9 percent of the country's GDP.

Last year, a record 1.38 million road vehicles were produced in the Czech Republic, which was an increase of 8.2 percent on the year. The vast majority, some 1.34 million were passenger cars. There were 24,690 trailers and semi-trailers, 4,388 buses, 1,326 trucks and 1,228 motorcycles. Truck maker Tatra has only increased production by more than half.

Carmakers in the Czech Republic include Škoda Auto, Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Czech (TPCA) and Hyundai Motors Manufacturing Czech. Bus makers include Iveco Czech Republic, SOR Libchavy and Ekobus. Tatra makes commercial vehicles and Jawa makes motorcycles.

SAP spokesman Miroslav Konvalina said the Czech Republic maintained its position as a European and world leader in buses per capita and is the world's second-largest manufacturer of passenger cars per capita.

The sector is continuing to grow. The production of vehicles in the first four months of the year has increased by 6 percent to more than half a million units.

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