Segway saga continues

Prague 2 and 10 are now seeking a complete ban

The endless story of trying to get Segways off the sidewalks of Prague is not over. The districts of Prague 2 and 10 are now trying to get the ban extended to cover their territories.

The ban took effect in most of the city center in December when signs went up, but much of Prague 2 and 10 were not included as local governments did not see a problem there. Segways are already banned around náměstí Míru but not in the rest of the Prague 2 district, which includes much of Vinohrady.

But since the ban has forced Segways out of the historical city center and other parts of the city, some of the remaining operators have moved to the surrounding area and Prague 2, in particular, has seen a large increase in traffic from the two-wheeled self-balancing vehicles.

The districts have asked the city authorities that oversee traffic to make the preparations. The law requires signs specifying the ban to be placed on every street and access point around the border of the zone.

Prague 2 has already placed signs around the parks in its area, as parks fall under different rules. Segways had become a problem in particular in Riegrovy Sady, which is close to the city center and has a good view of Prague Castle. They are now banned there.

“Prague 2 has become a lone island since Prague 3 and 4 have been added to the ban. The increase in the number of vehicles in the streets was enormous and citizens have complained. That is why we have asked the municipality to extend the ban zone,” Prague 2 Deputy Mayor Jan Korseska (ODS) said, according to daily Mladá fronta Dnes.

Police have confirmed that there has been in increase in Segways in Prague 2, and that some violations of the law have been reported including Segways going into banned areas, speeding, endangering pedestrians and inattentive driving.

Prague 2 hopes to have the ban in place before the summer is over. Deputy Mayor Korseska said the banned area will connect to the already banned zones in Prague 3 and Prague 4 to create one large area.

Prague 10 currently does not have a Segway problem but the administration there fears is will get one once Prague 2 forces the vehicle tours out. District Councilor Viktor Lojík (TOP 09) said the ban will be effective in the historical part of Vršovice from Bělocerkevská toward the city center.

The umbrella group Asociace Segway ČR sued the city over the ban, but the suit was dismissed in April.

Meanwhile, operators who used to run Segway tours downtown have switched to bicycle tours and motor scooter tours. The city is contemplating steps to regulate these by limiting the times that bikes and similar vehicles can be in pedestrian zones and other parts of the historical center. One problem has also been that the bikes and scooters often go on the sidewalks and block pedestrians.

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