Stromovka park gets bigger

A fenced-in part of Vystaviste will be transferred to the park

Part of the area that is currently in the exhibition grounds in Výstaviště will be annexed to Stromovka. The 23,113-square-meter area is valuable due to the number of trees, and it is awaiting revitalization, according to the City Hall website.

The city will take down a 630-meter fence that is now restricting access to the area, and the city will also oversee its maintenance.

“I have promised to return this part of Výstaviště to Stromovka, where it logically and historically belongs. This is a striking piece of greenery that in Stromovka will grow to serve the people. I want Výstaviště and Stromovka to be even more connected,” Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO) said.

This is not the only change coming to Stromovka and Výstaviště. A natural biotope is being developed and it should include a natural swimming area. The changes are part of a long-term strategy to transform the exhibition grounds into a modern space that will better serve Prague for sports, cultural and entertainment, the City Hall website stated.

“The whole area of Výstaviště is undergoing a major transformation. We have already renovated the Lapidarium, introduced a new entrance gate design, approved provisional roofing for the burned-out wing of the Industrial Palace (Průmyslový palác) and many other things. We are trying to open the park to the people to make them feel good here. A summer cinema has begun and we will soon open a grilling area. After a long wait, we finally have started to reconstruct nearby Šlechtovka, which has been dilapidated for many years. I believe that it will become a living place again where people will love to go,” the mayor said.

The left wing of the Industrial Palace burned down in 2008 during an exhibition for the dental industry. Volatile gas reached a coffeepot that had been left on overnight and an explosion occurred. A temporary tent has been covering the space, but so far the wing has not been rebuilt.

Šlechtovka was built in the 17th century as a Baroque palace but has fallen into ruins due to neglect.

According to previous information, interior frescoes and a faux cave in the palace will be restored, along with structural work. The total cost of the building restoration is to exceed Kč 100 million.

Stromovka, also called Královská obora, was established as a royal deer park in 1268 by Přemysl Otakar II and expanded by several rulers since then with lakes, imported trees and vegetation, and buildings. It opened to the public in 1804, and was the destination of the city's first electric tram in 1908.

Stromovka connects to Prague Zoo and Troja Chateau on the other side of the Vltava river. The park covers some 95 hectares. 

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