Wait at Prague Castle to be shorter

New technology and methods will be introduced for security

Security inspections at Prague Castle will remain in place but should become faster and more pleasant, according to Castle spokesman Jiří Ovčáček.

The Office of the President asked for a review of the security checks, and several agencies including the Czech Police and Castle Guards submitted opinions.

Lines should be smaller at least during the peak summer season. “For the sake of the smoothness of security checks, the president in cooperation with the Office of the President decided to personally strengthen the checkpoints in the summer tourist season,” Ovčáček said.

The checks have long been a subject of criticism. Barbora Hrubá from Prague City Tourism previously told Pražský deník that tourism professionals felt the checks were done amateurishly.

People often have to stand in line for a long time in rain and heat. This annoys visitors and discourages repeat tourism, Hrubá said.

The physical checks are not the only aspect of Castle security. Ovčáček said that new technical means would also be used to speed up lines, and that these would be less disturbing to visitors. Aside from saying it was similar to what was at the airports, he did not give specifics.

Václav Havel Airport Prague and other international airports in the Czech Republic have been installing facial recognition software and programs that analyze movement and behavior.

Security experts who worked on the plan would not confirm the new steps, though, since secrecy is part of the program.

Plans to increase security at the Castle also include installing new rubbish bins and new benches designed to make terrorism more difficult. There are several types of garbage bins that are designed to either make a blast ineffective or make it harder to plant a bomb. New bench designs also stop terrorism by having no places where objects can be hidden and also serving a roadblocks.

Ovčáček pointed out that the Castle was becoming more accessible to the public, and new spaces were being opened. Recently an apartment used by First Republic President Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk was added to the places that could be toured.

The peak times for visiting are in the summer and on the weekends between 9 am and 2 pm. The Castle administration says that even in these times crowds can be avoided by going to the Stag Moat, the newly opened picnic meadow, the Ball Games Court, the Orangery, the South Gardens and the Royal Gardens at Belvedere.

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