Museum of Senses opens near Wenceslas Square

A new tourist attraction is aimed at helping people feel and see more

The Museum of Senses has finally received the go-ahead to open its doors to the public. A low key opening Oct. 20 gave a group of friends and families the chance to be the first visitors to enter its world of sensations and optical illusions.

The Museum of Senses is just off Wenceslas Square at Jindřišská 20, Prague 1, and it aims to “awaken the senses and inspire every visitor to feel more, see more, and learn more about the untapped abilities of the human brain,” according to a press release.

“We have been planning this Museum since we first visited Prague in 2015 and realized that the city, with its own history of magic, illusion, and excitement, would be the perfect place to open our next venture,” Vedran Hirtz, one of the three owners of the project said.

“We found the building in Jindřišská street and started construction in June 2017 but of course, it has been a lot more complicated than a standard renovation and we are delighted that we have been able to work closely with the owners, the Baťa family, and the authorities, in order to get it open in such a short amount of time,” he added.

The owners describe it as “a place that is as fun as it is educational, as amazing as it is enigmatic and as crazy as it is rational.”

A tour of the museum takes about 60 minutes. Trained guides will assist people through the different exhibits, but everyone is left to their own pace.

The standard tour leads visitors through areas such as an Ames room where they can shrink or grow in a matter of seconds due to an optical illusion. It the Infinity Disco Room visitors can take a moment to dance while observing a game of colors, scents and reflections. Other exhibits include an inverted room, a mirage, a sound zone where people can convert sound into images, a bed of nails, a hedge where people can exchange facial features and more.

Owner Grbic and his partners come from Croatia and Slovenia but they state that this is a Czech operation with a Czech museum director and eight more Czech team members in training.

The museum creators have experience in various different business fields, from construction, logistics and direct marketing to online retailing and museum management. While they have previously cooperated together on different projects this is their first joint venture.

They will be targeting other major European cities before expanding to other continents. After Prague, the next to open will be Bucharest, where work is already in a final phase, and the opening is planned for the beginning of December.

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