VR lets people visit 16th century Prague

Europe’s biggest virtual reality attraction brings the Golem legend to life

Prague has a new virtual reality tourist attraction. Visitors to the city center can walk through 16th century Prague and meet the legendary Golem.

The Golem VR project is an experience game combining virtual reality with motion in the real world. People can walk through Prague as it looked in the time of Emperor Rudolf II. While there, they can touch objects and solve simple tasks. It culminates with a visit to Rabbi Löw’s study to revive the Golem.

Europe’s biggest virtual reality project has been launched in Prague by gaming development studio DIVR Labs.

“The story of the Golem is tied to the Czech capital, and we believe it will appeal to both Czech and international visitors,” Lukáš Burda, CEO of DIVR Labs, said in a press release.

“Preparing the whole project took our team of developers about a year. Free motion in space is possible thanks to a backpack with a computer, which is connected to goggles creating the virtual world. Visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of old Prague individually or in a multiplayer setting for up to four players,” Burda added.

Visitors can try the multisensory project out in a 250 square meter area of in the lower level of Hamleys toy store on Na Příkopě in Prague 1–New Town.

DIVR Labs previously launched Blue Effect in June 2016, a game set in a dark futuristic world where a blue orb lights the way and players fight malicious creatures.

The company says Golem VR is more ambitious and can only be rivaled in terms of scope by virtual reality experience projects in New York and Dubai.

Emperor Rudolf II ruled the Holy Roman Empire from Prague Castle at the end of the 16th and start of the 17th centuries. During that time, the city became a center for esoteric knowledge, with alchemists and astrologers coming from all across Europe. During his reign, Prague's Jewish community was led by Rabbi Löw, who also pursued mystical knowledge.

A legend from the time said that Rabbi Löw created a being from clay called the Golem, who was supposed to protect the Jewish community. The Golem was brought to life by a paper with an inscription that was inserted in its mouth.

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