See Central Bohemia by balloon

A small family-run company offers flights at dawn and sunset

To truly get a sense of the beauty of the Czech Republic, it's best to get off the ground and see it from the air. You can float high above Central Bohemia, a region filled with gorgeous castles, chateaux and charming countryside.

A balloon ride is an unusual and pleasant way to see the countryside and vistas of the city skyline.

Balloon Adventures Prague, a family owned company, offers both private balloon flights and group tours. The company has several experienced pilots who can guide the balloon tour in English.

Rides most often tale place at sunrise and sunset, when the air is cleaner and cooler.

The balloon is propelled by heated air that fills a lightweight balloon and makes it rise and hover. Filling the balloon is part of the fun of the tour, and fills people with anticipation.

Once the balloon is ready, people get into the basket and take off. People are often surprised by how quickly the balloon ascends. Within a minute or two, passengers are already high above the village rooftops and roads, and the landscape stretches out before them. They soon find themselves floating around 1,000 meters above the ground.

The pilot shows passengers everything they want to see such as the skyline of Prague, and can to even lower the balloon over a field or a lake. People on the ground tend to come out of their homes with their kids to wave as the balloon floats past.

The balloon is equipped with WiFi so people can post photos while they are still in the air.

After the flight people can have a glass of Prosecco. You may think 6 am is too early but the adrenaline makes people forget about the time. People also get a certificate at the end of the flight.

Romantic flights for two, marriage proposal flights, family flights and private group flights can all be arranged.

The flight lasts for about an hour, and the whole process including safety instruction and pick up from a hotel is three to four hours.

Hot air balloons are the oldest type of air travel. The first manned flight was in 1783 in Paris, long before airplanes were invented. Unmanned versions similar to flying paper lanterns go back even earlier, to just before 300 AD.

But as with almost everything, new technology has been applied to hot air balloons. There was a renaissance in the 1960s, with new materials and designs. Today, balloons rank among the safest ways to travel.

Some members of the Prague.TV team went to check out the experience. You can see highlights of Prague.TV’s balloon trip in the video below.

Video on YouTube

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