Československý festival reunites countries

A celebration of the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia will have a large Slovak presence

As the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Czechoslovakia draws closer, more celebrations are taking place.

Československý festival 2018 takes place Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 8 and 9, with most of its program at Old Town Square, and additional events at the Karolinum and the Bethlehem Chapel.

This is not the main celebration of the anniversary. That will take place at the end of October. This festival, however, does have the largest participation from Slovakia out of all of the planned events.

The stage at Old Square on Saturday will be headlined by Vladimír Mišík & Etc. Other notable names include Spirituál Kvintet and Honza Křížek kapela. Sunday will be capped off with Žlutý pes, and Kamil Střihavka & Leaders will play earlier in the day. Both days will also have some fashion presentations.

At Old Town square, the Czech regions will be represented in 35 stalls, and Slovak regions will have 16 stalls. Visitors will also be able to see blacksmiths, weavers, ceramics makers and other craft workers from both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

For both adults and children, there will be presentations of cuisine before World War II. Children can also try their hands at sealing documents and chemical experiments. Czechoslovakia was a center for scientific discoveries in the past.

The Bethlehem Chapel at Betlémské náměstí will have Slovak cuisine, wine and beer plus some fashions and other local products. There will also be information on the World Ice Hockey Championship, which will take place next year in Bratislava and Košice.

Prague City Tourism and CzechTourism will have presentations in the Karolinum at Ovocný trh, focused on food, wine and beer plus information on sights in the Czech regions.

The Československý festival is organized by the non-profit group Wine and Art (Víno a umění). It is held under the auspices of the mayors of Prague and Bratislava; the mayor of Prague 1; the governor of the Central Bohemia region; the Slovak Ministry of Ministry of Transport, Construction, and Regional Development; the foreign representation of Slovak Tourism; the Bratislava Tourist Board; and several other Czech and Slovak politicians and organizations.

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