Prague ponds being renovated

The city has been seeking to revitalize some of the urban nature areas

Several of Prague’s ponds and lakes are undergoing extensive restoration. The condition of the city’s 120 ponds and lakes is not as bad as some of the city’s other infrastructure, but they have long been neglected.

The restoration is part of the city’s long-range plans to create more green spaces for recreation.

“Although Prague's ponds are much better than Prague bridges, and most of them are in excellent technical condition, there are still some things to fix and improve,” outgoing City Councilor Jana Plamínková (STAN) said.

The incoming City Council has not commented on the issue but has announced plans to plant up to 1 million trees to help the local environment.

Olšanský rybnik in Kunratice currently has been drained so stonemasons can repair the drainage with new tiles and repair the dam. The work will be finished by the end of November and the pond will be refilled.

Work on Počernický rybník in Horní Počernice did not start until recently. The entire dam, drainage and safety spillway are being repaired. The pond will then become the center of a new forest park. A noise barrier along the nearby highway will be created, and paths and a connecting stream will be revitalized. The stream will have several new pools and wooden pavement. Completion of the entire forest park, with an area of over 13 hectares, is planned for 2020.

Restoration of Lítožnické rybníky is also taking place. A lake existed there until the mid-17th century but was drained. Three smaller ponds were built on the site in the 1950s. They were in such a poor state that the city decided to get rid of these modern ponds and restore the original 12-hectare pond.

Currently about two-thirds of the surface of the future pond has been cleaned of accumulated mud deposits, the dividing dike between the former ponds has been removed. Repair of the original historical dam and the construction of other infrastructure has started.

An archaeological survey carried out in the area found a large Roman-era German settlement on the bottom of a pond with preserved items including the remains of iron furnaces and stables.

The restoration of the pond is being done along with the creation of the Robotka forest park. It will be part of a large revitalized nature area with recreational facilities between Dubeč and Běchovice on the eastern part of Prague at this being created for the inhabitants of the wider area.

These projects and managed by the Department of Environmental Protection and financed from the city budget.

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