Hvězda has a new pond

The Prague 6 park will have a new attraction for visitors

A new pond called Terezka has been created in Obora Hvězda in Prague 6. It is currently being filled with water. Work on its construction began last winter and ended in the past few weeks.

At the same time, the stream Litovický potok, which flows from a nearby reservoir, was modified. Around the new pond there will be paths to make the area accessible.

The cost was Kč 6 million, according to city forestry firm Lesy hl.m. Prahy. It was paid for by the City of Prague from the Environmental Protection Department.

The site was formerly an illegal dump filled with rubble from construction.

During the winter, foresters began excavating the main part of the tank. The construction of a dike was next, and the banks of the pond were reinforced with stones and a water drain was built. The remnants of the original earthwork were removed from the bed of the Litovický potok and the shores were also modified. Paths were also built.
The new pond and the revitalized stream are primarily designed to increase biodiversity and enhance the natural occurrence of animals and plants around the water and its surroundings.

The new pond is close to an important site of the EU‘s Natura 2000 project, which is home to some rare birds.

The aim of the pond is to keep more wetlands in the landscape, and it should become a welcome stop for Hvězda visitors.

Hvězda began as a private hunting ground for the aristocracy, and it is known for its star-shaped summer palace. It was founded in 1530 by King Ferdinand I, and work on the villa was started 25 years later. In 1962 the villa was listed as a national cultural monument.

This is one of several infrastructure projects taking place in Prague parks. Stromovka, for example, has seen recent renovations to its ponds and paths to revitalize some of its neglected areas.

The incoming city administration has also said that revitalizing spaces is a priority and plans to plant up to 1 million trees.

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