Experience a Prague shooting range

A gift certificate for a shooting package is a unique Christmas present

Surprise your loved ones with a truly original gift under the Christmas tree. Give them a day to feel like an American sniper or a member of a special squadron. Where can you get this kind of adrenaline entertainment that you easily give as a gift coupon?

An experience on an outdoor or indoor shooting range in Prague will enchant fans of the Colt revolver swung down low and all those interested in sport shooting.

The shooting experience can be enjoyed by practically anyone. An afternoon at an outdoor shooting range is a good gift for colleagues from work, friends, uncles and cousins. However, it will delight the entire family, since even children from the age of 10 can shoot. Dad can easily take Mom and the kids with him.

Shooting experiences are held at an indoor shooting range in Prague or in an outdoor shooting area about a three-quarter hour car ride from Prague. It covers an area of 70,000 square meters or two and a half times the size of Střelecký Island on the Vltava River, enough to have a total of 4 ranges up to 500 meters long. There is also a pleasant backdrop and other amenities.

The shooting experience will positively charge you

The shooting experience program starts with a training course provided by professional police and military instructors. After instruction people put on protective gear, including vests, followed by shooting leading up to competitions and ending with refreshments and awarding certificates for passing the course. The whole event takes about three hours and is intended for the public without the need to own a firearm.

Truly legendary weapons are used for shooting. There is a choice of 25 types including the famous Glock from Austria, the iconic Smith & Wesson revolver and the popular Kalashnikov AK-47. People can try the merits of the Dragunov sniper rifle, the Remington 870 shotgun used by American police and other military-style weapons.

In conclusion, we have a little tip for you. Be smart and as a Christmas present, choose one of the quintet of shooting packages, varying in scope and financial value. For example, the AR-15 attack rifle (M-16) forms the basis of the “Ultimate” and “Ranger” packages, which provide extra firefighting with other firearms.

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