Bridges rebuilt in Kunratický les

The city is returning the Kunratice stream back to its natural state

The planned partial repair of the bridges in Prague’s urban forest Kunratický les eventually ended with their complete reconstruction. The problems with the bridges were more extensive than originally thought, with damage to the foundations and other masonry.

The bridge repair is part of the long-term revitalization of the stream Kunratický potok, which runs from the lake Hrnčířský rybník to the Vltava river near the bridge Barrandovský most.

The reconstruction of the bridges required an investment of less Kč 5 million.

“We are trying to restore the natural environment of Kunratický potok after many years. So, in addition to the reconstruction of the bridges, we have already eliminated the non-functional concrete walls and the various remains of the fortifications that damaged the landscape,” Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Hlubuček (United Force for Prague), responsible for the environment, said.

The bridges should now last a long time and be able to withstand the weight of service vehicles.

The foundations and inner parts of the bridges were repaired with modern technologies that guarantee high strength and structural durability. The bridges will withstand heavy machinery, and their arched shape will ensure long-lasting durability for over a hundred years, according to City Hall.

"Modern technology has supplemented traditional stonework and forged railings, and I think the walking route is a bit more pleasant along the stream,” Hlubuček said.

The next phase of the revitalization of Kunratický potok will continue this year.

This follows on the revitalization of other waterways in Prague such as the lake and stream systems in Prague’s Stromovka park in Prague 7 and the construction of a new pond in Obora Hvězda in Prague 6.

While most of these projects began under the previous administration in City Hall, the new administration led by the Pirate Party has also committed to improving the environment.

The new city administration has said that revitalizing green spaces is a priority and plans to plant up to 1 million trees.

Kunratický les is a forested area that covers three square kilometers in Prague 4. It is visited by 678,000 people per year who use the forest for recreation and sports activities such as running and cycling.

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