Cable car stop at Letná to be renovated

Restoring the actual cable car line, though, is not currently being considered

The city will be repairing the site of the former cable car at Prague’s Letná Park. The project will cost Kč 2.8 million and create a new viewing point atop the Letná tunnel.

The information came via Twitter from Dan Frantik, the head of the municipal department of greenery care. He said the work should be done by the summer holidays, and a supplier had already been selected in a competition.

“In Letná, according to a plan by the municipality, a place with a view of the city should be created. There will be tablets with information on the history of the place and the [former] cable car. The remnants of the cable car station and the moving stairway will be fixed at the top of the slope above the entrance to the Letná Tunnel,” a press release stated.

The renovation work is just for the former cable car stop and surrounding area. The actual cable car line is not being rebuilt.

In the past, there was a suggestion that Prague would restore the original cable car, and visualizations were made. Then-deputy mayor Petr Dolinek (ČSSD) withdrew the proposal last summer as it had little backing.

The first cable car in Prague and in Bohemia started operation May 31, 1891, and linked the Vltava embankment to Letná plain.

It was built for the 1891 General Land Centennial Exhibition and it connected to Křižík's electric tram, which took visitors to the exhibition at Výstaviště. The 109-meter-long track was over 40 meters in height, and the ride lasted roughly two minutes.

During World War I the operation was stopped, and in 1926 it was replaced by a covered moving wooden stairway similar to an escalator. The stairs operated until 1935.

The current City Hall administration also counts on building a water tank at Letná for irrigating trees. The city is preparing project documentation and seeking permits.

While the actual cable car at Letná is not being rebuilt, a new one from Podbaba to Bohnice may appear within five years. The Prague 6 and Prague 8 districts support the idea, but one of four options still has to be chosen before work can begin. Zoning changes also have to made to allow for the project.

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