Butterflies coming to Fata Morgana

The annual exhibition at the Prague Botanical Garden has 5,000 pupae

This 17th exhibition of tropical butterflies in the Fata Morgana greenhouse in Prague’s Troja district will show that there are some great travelers and some homebodies among the winged insects.

Fata Morgana is a modern greenhouse with an indoor jungle, operated by the Prague Botanical Garden (Botanická zahrada Praha).

The exhibition, which opens April 11 and runs to May 26, lets visitors go on a journey and discover the world from the butterfly’s perspective. It is open daily except Mondays from 9 am to 7 pm.

Lucky visitors will see the moment butterflies emerge from the pupae, and be able to admire their first take-off and a colorful show of butterfly wings. Swallowtails, peacock butterflies and Saturniids and many more. There will be 5,000 pupae of 50 species of butterflies, appearing in full beauty on the background of a tropical jungle.

Butterflies seem frail and defenseless, so you people may be surprised that some travel huge distances during their lifetime. “But unlike birds, butterflies cannot rely on experienced parents to navigate because another generation always migrates. Yet they are able to navigate on their long journey by landscape, by sun, and when it is cloudy they use polarized light. They also benefit from the earth's magnetic field. Forces helping them include seasonal currents and winds,” Eva Smržová, curator of the butterfly exhibition at Fata Morgana, said in a press release.

Migratory butterfly species can be found on all continents and can have different reasons for migration, such as food availability, appropriate temperature and amount of moisture. At the exhibition, visitors will learn secrets from this area of their life.

“The migration of monarchs from Mexico to the US and Canada is widely known. Less then that there are butterfly species that move to the Czech Republic for the growing season. In good years, there will be plenty of Painted lady butterflies coming from far Africa and red admiral butterflies from around the Mediterranean,” Smržová said.

As part of the exhibition, indoor and outdoor plants will be sold by Pokojovky.cz.

In the long run, Fata Morgana will be expanded. It will gradually become a modern area with new cash registers, sanitary facilities and a snack bar with an outdoor terrace. There will also be growing facilities for plants for new exhibitions.

The renovations will improve access for visitors with special needs and families with children in strollers.

The planned construction includes a new entry point for visitors to the Botanical Gardens that leads to the Fata Morgana greenhouse.

The main entrance will be moved from Trojská Street to Jiřího Jandy Street and the visitors will be guided by signs. The access roads to the greenhouse will be changed for visitors.

Completion of the construction work is scheduled for the beginning of 2020.

For more information visit www.botanicka.cz or www.facebook.com/BotanickazahradahlmPrahy

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