Police to be more visible over Easter

Patrols will be stepped up near markets, and traffic cops will do more checks

Police presence will be stepped up for the Easter holidays in Prague and across the Czech Republic at places where large numbers of people are expected to gather and at potential targets.

This is by now a routine precaution for public safety, and is not a response to any particular threat. There has been no change in the safety alert level, but hundreds of additional officers will be deployed.

In larger cities, police patrols will be armed with submachine guns, and concrete barriers will appear near markets or other places with a higher number of visitors, just as they did during Christmas.

The police are cooperating with representatives of local government and organizers of cultural events to ensure public safety.

Traffic police will be also be more active during the long weekend to crack down on drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Both Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays, which this year will create a four-day weekend April 19–22.

“Easter is one of the risky times in terms of safety on our roads. People set off to visit their relatives, often going longer distances, which they are often not used to driving. We also meet holiday drivers who set out to travel on the Easter holidays with their family.

Because of the favorable weather conditions, bikers are increasingly on the road, and are one of the most vulnerable groups of road users,” police spokeswoman Hana Rubešová said on the Czech Police website.

Dozens of traffic officers will see to it that drivers of all kinds adhere to the rules of the road. Last year, during the Easter season, police found 124 drivers under the influence of alcohol, and 29 more under the influence of addictive drugs.

Overall, the Czech Republic is ranked as one of the safest countries, and so far has not seen any incidents related to international terrorism.

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