Statue of F. Kafka

The moving statue of F. Kafka was created by the world-renowned artist David Černý in 2014. It is located at the Piazza Quadrio in Prague 1. The model for the changing face was the well-known writer Franz Kafka, whose whole life was linked to Prague.

The more than ten and a half meter high statue (with its pedestal) with a diameter of six meters weighs thirty-nine tonnes. The mechanical head is comprised of forty-two moving plates, which are turned by an ingenious mechanism, hidden inside the statue. The programmed choreography of the face’s movements lasts forty minutes and repeats when completed.

The mechanism of the statue is comprised of 252 large segments, the electrical equipment includes almost one kilometer of cables, the 1500 m2 of reflective stainless steel sheet is held together by more than 16,300 joining materials. The resulting movement of the face is ensured by 42 synchronous motors, which are controlled by a control system containing fifteen programmes.

Statue of F.Kafka
Author: David Černý
Location: Piazza Quadrio, Prague 1
Height including pedestal: 10.6 m
Diameter: 6.06 m
Weight: 39 t
Length of choreography: 40 minutes

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